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Located Between the Smaria Hills and above Judea Desert with delicated faces


Ein Prat, is the name of the spring which gushing forth benith the cliffs of Wadi - Quelt stream, a uniqe canyon which contains over 30 meters faces and build from unbelieveable solid limestone. This place is one of a kind because it's connecting between the Mediterranean weather and the desert's atmosphere. This is the largest crag in Israel containing more then 100 routs with many kind of style but the main attraction here is the delictaed feet work you need the adjust in order to climb up this great face. Some route start with first 4-6 meter overhanging holds and continuing to solid small crimps on 30 meters faces.

Access issues

Ein Prat is part of a National Park called Wadi - Quelt. You can climb from sunrise to sunset, but after the sun is going down you should leave the crag and let the wildlife take their place in the nature. (if you'll be quiet enough you'll notice a big gropus of Rock Hyrax, running Gazellas, raptors and hawks.)


There are two ways to get to the crag:

  1. Park your car outside the main gate of the NP, take the marked trail down to the stream. (a beautiful walk of 15-25 minutes, depends if you going to the south or the north cliff). If you choose this option you can climb until sunset.

  2. Enter with your car to the NP, park on the parking lot down the valley,near the stream. and go climb (2 minutes walk to the northern cliff and 10 minutes walk to the southern cliff). If you choose this option you need to get out of the Park befor sunset. (at summer in 5:00 PM and in winter at 4:00 PM)

Where to stay

You are located 15 minutes from Jeruslam!, write "Jerusalem accommodation" in Google and you'll find hundreds of places)


More information soon to come! (with photos, explanations and many more)

Open trips

There are no open trips for this crag

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