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Many nice routes in the 6th and 7th grade. Cool and shady in the summer.

Access issues inherited from Ein Farah

Ein Farah/Ein Prat is part of an National Park called Wadi Qelt within Area C (Israel controlled) of Palestine's West Bank. You can climb from sunrise to sunset within the permitted zone. The quickest access is through the National Park where an entrance fee is requested. You can also chose the longer hike in without entering the National Park, but in that case you have to limit your climbing to the Southern Cliff. Be ware that you are within the military occupied West Bank and that you will have to pass armed checkpoints, soldiers and security forces depending on from where you approach.

Ethic inherited from Ein Farah

Ein Farah is located within an Israeli National Park. Climbing is only allowed within the area indicated by signs. Please be friendly to park rangers and take your trash home.


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Grade Route
{FR} 7a ** Butchers Chunk Sport 7

The first route after the big cave. After the pumpy start take a rest in the smelly hyrax cave. Then continue with more delicate moves to the top.

Set 2011

{FR} 6b+ *** Beef Shoulder Sport 21m, 8

Very nice juggy and overhanging line. One of the best at this grade in the country.

Set 2009

{FR} 7b+ Beef Shoulder - Pitch 2 Sport 10m
{FR} 6c+ * Boarder Run Sport 21m, 7

Another nice line. Great length if combined with the second pitch. Take a long rope (70m)!

Set 2008

{FR} 6b Boarder Run - Pitch 2 Sport 10m
{FR} 6b * Link-up 1 Sport

Links the start of Boarder Run with the top of Shades of Beauty, to avoid the harder section of either route.

{FR} 6c * Shades of Beauty Sport 27m

Set 2006

{FR} 7a * Dr. Evil & Mr. Hide Sport 27m, 8

Interesting moves around the overhang (careful at the third clip), then easier.

Set 2006

FR:6b * Spaced Out Sport 14m, 4

Set 2007

FR:6c+ ** Northern Wind Sport 16m, 8


{FR} 5b *** Bomba Sport 18m, 6

Short warm-up route to the left of the "cave".

Set 2007

{FR} 6c Pompa Sport 17m, 5

Starts as Bomba, but then to the right of the "cave".

Set 2007

{FR} 6b+ ** Middleman Sport 19m, 7

Better than it looks. Some nice physical moves.

Set 2006

{FR} 6a * Spare The Rod, Spoil The Route Sport 27m, 9

Long warm-up with hardish section in the beginning.

Set 2006


Trad line along the obvious crack. Use anchor of the route on the left.

{FR} 7a ** 140$ Sport 24m, 9

Worth the money - sustained. Directly to the right of the trad crack.

Set 2006


Same start as Yonathan Shapira, clip its first two (or three) bolts, then carefully traverse to the left, before going straight up the face.

Set 2006

{FR} 7c *** Yonatan Shapira Sport 25m, 8

Reachy start to delicate moves on small holds up the black stripe. Named after a former Israeli Air Force Pilot, now a peace activist.

Set 2007


8a for some.

{FR} 7c ** Dvivon Sport 18m, 9

Physical start. Further up, when holds are disappearing, either do the evasive manoeuver to the right before coming back in line for the little overhang. Or alternatively continue straight up to the station (a little harder).

Set 2009

{FR} 7c+ King of Vafanculo Sport 20m

Hard stuff. Sometimes quoted as 8a.

Set 2010

{FR} 7b+ * Mixta Grill Sport 11m, 4

Variety of moves on slippery holds. Crux comes after the stalactite. Alternative finish to the station of the route on the left - no addtional bolts, harder.

Set 1998

FFA: 2006

{FR} A0 A0 Approach Aid 5

Short A0 - assisted climb to get to the anchor for the 5 routes to the right of Mixta Grill. Clip in the bolts and use the rope to pull yourself up. This and all the routes on top are rarely climbed.

{FR} 5c Jeans Butt Sport 8

From the A0 station, traverse left, choose your clips wisely, and follow the thorny bushes far up through the main crack/chimney. Station comes after the little overhang.

{FR} 6a+ Arik Is Thinking About It Sport 8

From the A0 station, almost straight up. Easy start, hard at the overhang. 6a+ in the guidebook, but much harder at the crux (6c+?)!

{FR} 6b *** Rotor Sport 8

From the A0 station, traverse to the right and then go straight up before the little bush. Very nice moves, but long distances between the bolts, give this a bit of a multipitch feel.

{FR} 6b ** Divergence Sport 6

From the A0 anchor traverse far right, past Rotor and take the next line straight up. Nice, but a bit psycho since bolts are well spaced out.

Convergence Sport 7

Links Divergence with the top of Islands In The Stream. Shares the first three bolts with Divergence, links up to the intermediate station of Islands in the Stream and continues up two more bolts to the higher station.

{FR} 7c+ ** Islands In The Stream Sport 22m, 9

Set 2007

{FR} 6c * Diagonal Sport

Strong right traversing line with crux at the little "roof". Somewhat slippery and hard for the grade.

{FR} 6a Kal Kar Sport 10m

Set 2007

{FR} 6c The Tomb Sport 15m

Chimney starting on ledge above. Use "Kal Kar" as first pitch, then carefully walk right to get to the start of this route.

Set 2007

{FR} 7a Poor Man's Natif Sport 12m, 5

Set 2007

{FR} 6c The Prophecy Sport 12m, 5

Set 2008

{FR} 7a+ Dirty Peter Sport

Set 2011


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