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Table of contents

1. Ein Fara 111 routes in Crag

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 35.299815, 31.834135

Unique Features And Strengths:

Located Between the Smaria Hills and above Judea Desert with delicated faces


Ein Prat, is the name of the spring which gushing forth benith the cliffs of Wadi - Quelt stream, a uniqe canyon which contains over 30 meters faces and build from unbelieveable solid limestone. This place is one of a kind because it's connecting between the Mediterranean weather and the desert's atmosphere. This is the largest crag in Israel containing more then 100 routs with many kind of style but the main attraction here is the delictaed feet work you need the adjust in order to climb up this great face. Some route start with first 4-6 meter overhanging holds and continuing to solid small crimps on 30 meters faces.

Access Issues:

Ein Prat is part of a National Park called Wadi - Quelt. You can climb from sunrise to sunset, but after the sun is going down you should leave the crag and let the wildlife take their place in the nature. (if you'll be quiet enough you'll notice a big gropus of Rock Hyrax, running Gazellas, raptors and hawks.)


There are two ways to get to the crag:

  1. Park your car outside the main gate of the NP, take the marked trail down to the stream. (a beautiful walk of 15-25 minutes, depends if you going to the south or the north cliff). If you choose this option you can climb until sunset.

  2. Enter with your car to the NP, park on the parking lot down the valley,near the stream. and go climb (2 minutes walk to the northern cliff and 10 minutes walk to the southern cliff). If you choose this option you need to get out of the Park befor sunset. (at summer in 5:00 PM and in winter at 4:00 PM)

Where To Stay:

You are located 15 minutes from Jeruslam!, write "Jerusalem accommodation" in Google and you'll find hundreds of places)


More information soon to come! (with photos, explanations and many more)

1.1. Northern Cliff 55 routes in Cliff

Sport and Trad

Long/Lat: 35.301006, 31.834771


This cliff is belong to the northern bank of the wadi.

1.1.1. Plasticine 9 routes in Sector

Sport and Trad

Long/Lat: 35.304037, 31.833473

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Prologue 6a+Sport
2 Good New World 5cSport
3 Chocolate Noir 6bSport
4 Plasticine 6a+Sport
5 Arrobotiim 6aTrad
6 Childrens Game 6a+Sport
7 Cocaine 7aSport
8 July-August Heat 6c+Trad
9 The Peg 6b+Trad

1.1.2. Jeremiah 13 routes in Sector

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 35.302783, 31.834156

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Tension 7aSport
2 New Left 7a+Sport
3 Russians in Space 8bSport
4 Cairo Slammer 7cSport
5 Jeremiah 7c+Sport
6 Dio Santo 7aSport
7 Ice Tea 6bSport
8 Lola 6a+Sport
9 Short Espresso 6a+Sport
10 Oldie 6bTrad
11 The Garden Crack 5cTrad
12 Kishkashta 7aSport
13 Long Espresso 7cSport

1.1.3. Pigs In Space 10 routes in Sector

Sport and Trad

Long/Lat: 35.301130, 31.834801

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 In Memory of Yoav Nir 8a+Sport
2 Pigs in Space 7a+Sport
3 Kalabush Kahir 7cSport
4 Iraki-Party 8aSport
5 The Suitcase 7bSport
6 Salmonella 6c+Sport
7 Jigsaw Puzzle 6bTrad
8 Hammurabi's Flute 6aSport
9 Lady S 6a+Sport
10 Cops & Thieves 6bTrad

1.1.4. Club 3 routes in Sector

All Sport

Long/Lat: 35.299918, 31.835217

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Cha-Cha-Cha

Set by Gili Tenne, 2009

2 Mambo

Set by Gili Tenne, 2009

3 Tango

Set by Gili Tenne, 2009


1.1.5. Monk 10 routes in Sector

All Sport

Long/Lat: 35.298853, 31.835548

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 The Virgin 6aSport
2 The Whore 6a+Sport
3 State of Monk 6c+Sport
4 The Nun 6aSport
5 Batman 6cSport
6 Face It! 7cSport
7 Stroll 6aSport
8 Stroll Direct 6c+Sport
9 Lucky Strike 6b+Sport
10 Monk 5cSport 30m

1.1.6. Africa 7 routes in Unknown

Trad and Sport

Long/Lat: 35.298134, 31.835934

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Soup Of The Day 6cSport
2 Carlsbad 6a+Trad
3 Madagascar 5cTrad
4 The Nile 5bTrad
5 Ivory Coast 5aTrad
6 Shock! 5cSport
7 Jibril Rajub 7a+Sport

1.1.7. Pokemon 3 routes in Sector

All Sport

Long/Lat: 35.297381, 31.836050

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Route 1 7aSport
2 Route 2 6b+Sport
3 Route 3 6aSport

1.2. Southern Cliff 56 routes in Cliff

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 35.299222, 31.833863


This cliff is belong to the southern bank of the wadi.

1.2.1. Academy 42 routes in Sector

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 35.298508, 31.834403

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Beef Shoulder L1 6b+Sport
2 Beef Shoulder L2 7cSport
3 Boarder Line L1 7aSport
4 Boarder Line L2 6bSport
5 Shades of a Beauty 6cSport
6 Dr. Evil & Mr. Hide 7aSport
7 Spaced Out 6bSport
8 Northern Wind 6c+Sport
9 ** Bomba 5bSport 17m, 7
10 Pompa 6cSport
11 Spare The Rod, Spoil The Route 6aSport
12 Jamming In The Holy Land 6cTrad
13 140$ 7aSport
14 Pain In The Ass 7bSport
15 Yonatan Shapira 7cSport
16 Sometimes Difficult Never Impossible 7c+Sport
17 Dvivon 7cSport
18 Mixta Grill 7b+Sport
19 Jeans Butt 5cSport
20 Arik Is Thinking About It 6a+Sport
21 Rotor 6bSport
22 Divergence 6bSport
23 Islends In The Stream 7c+Sport
24 Diagonal 6cSport
25 Kal Kar 6aSport
26 The Tomb 6cSport
27 The Prophesy 6cSport
28 Poor Man's Natif 7aSport
29 Passing Red Lines

Set by Arik Lerner, 2008

FA: Daniel Rodenko, 2014

30 Iraki-Party 8aSport
31 Yoav Nir Direct 8a+Sport
32 Eric's Monster 8a+Sport
33 King of Vafaunculo 8aSport
34 Michael Jackson 8aSport
35 Ema Taliban 8aSport
36 Stam 8aSport
37 Doctor Resha 8aSport
38 Organized Crime 7b+Sport
39 First for Entertainment 7cSport
40 Piano 7bSport
41 Batman's Arete 7bSport
42 Sgalgelet

FA: Alex Khazanov, 2014


1.2.2. Ventilator 12 routes in Sector

All Sport

Long/Lat: 35.297673, 31.834815

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Adi's Doctorate 6c+Sport
2 Modern Times 5c+Sport 32m
3 The Corner 6cSport
4 6a+ For Warm Up 7a+Sport
5 Ventilator 6bSport
6 Ambizioso 6aSport 20m
7 Hannah Banana 5bSport
8 70 khp 6aSport
9 Hey Hop 5cSport
10 Hamor Garem 6a+Sport
11 Flash 6b+Sport
12 Not Hard But Spiky 6cSport

1.2.3. Balcony 2 routes in Sector

All Sport

Long/Lat: 35.297265, 31.834219

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Hanna Banana

Good for beginners. Starts with an easy slab to 2 small shelves before becoming more vertical.

5Sport 20m
2 Hei hop 5c+Sport 25m, 9

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style Area
5a Cha-Cha-Cha Sport 1.1.4. Club
Mambo Sport 1.1.4. Club
Ivory Coast Trad 1.1.6. Africa
5 Hanna Banana Sport 20m 1.2.3. Balcony
5b The Nile Trad 1.1.6. Africa
** Bomba Sport 17m, 7 1.2.1. Academy
Hannah Banana Sport 1.2.2. Ventilator
5c Good New World Sport 1.1.1. Plasticine
The Garden Crack Trad 1.1.2. Jeremiah
Monk Sport 30m 1.1.5. Monk
Madagascar Trad 1.1.6. Africa
Shock! Sport 1.1.6. Africa
Jeans Butt Sport 1.2.1. Academy
Hey Hop Sport 1.2.2. Ventilator
5c+ Modern Times Sport 32m 1.2.2. Ventilator
Hei hop Sport 25m, 9 1.2.3. Balcony
6a Arrobotiim Trad 1.1.1. Plasticine
Hammurabi's Flute Sport 1.1.3. Pigs In Space
Tango Sport 1.1.4. Club
Stroll Sport 1.1.5. Monk
The Nun Sport 1.1.5. Monk
The Virgin Sport 1.1.5. Monk
Route 3 Sport 1.1.7. Pokemon
Kal Kar Sport 1.2.1. Academy
Spare The Rod, Spoil The Route Sport 1.2.1. Academy
70 khp Sport 1.2.2. Ventilator
Ambizioso Sport 20m 1.2.2. Ventilator
6a+ Childrens Game Sport 1.1.1. Plasticine
Plasticine Sport 1.1.1. Plasticine
Prologue Sport 1.1.1. Plasticine
Lola Sport 1.1.2. Jeremiah
Short Espresso Sport 1.1.2. Jeremiah
Lady S Sport 1.1.3. Pigs In Space
The Whore Sport 1.1.5. Monk
Carlsbad Trad 1.1.6. Africa
Arik Is Thinking About It Sport 1.2.1. Academy
Hamor Garem Sport 1.2.2. Ventilator
6b Chocolate Noir Sport 1.1.1. Plasticine
Ice Tea Sport 1.1.2. Jeremiah
Oldie Trad 1.1.2. Jeremiah
Cops & Thieves Trad 1.1.3. Pigs In Space
Jigsaw Puzzle Trad 1.1.3. Pigs In Space
Boarder Line L2 Sport 1.2.1. Academy
Divergence Sport 1.2.1. Academy
Rotor Sport 1.2.1. Academy
Spaced Out Sport 1.2.1. Academy
Ventilator Sport 1.2.2. Ventilator
6b+ The Peg Trad 1.1.1. Plasticine
Lucky Strike Sport 1.1.5. Monk
Route 2 Sport 1.1.7. Pokemon
Beef Shoulder L1 Sport 1.2.1. Academy
Flash Sport 1.2.2. Ventilator
6c Batman Sport 1.1.5. Monk
Soup Of The Day Sport 1.1.6. Africa
Diagonal Sport 1.2.1. Academy
Jamming In The Holy Land Trad 1.2.1. Academy
Pompa Sport 1.2.1. Academy
Shades of a Beauty Sport 1.2.1. Academy
The Prophesy Sport 1.2.1. Academy
The Tomb Sport 1.2.1. Academy
Not Hard But Spiky Sport 1.2.2. Ventilator
The Corner Sport 1.2.2. Ventilator
6c+ July-August Heat Trad 1.1.1. Plasticine
Salmonella Sport 1.1.3. Pigs In Space
State of Monk Sport 1.1.5. Monk
Stroll Direct Sport 1.1.5. Monk
Northern Wind Sport 1.2.1. Academy
Adi's Doctorate Sport 1.2.2. Ventilator
7a Cocaine Sport 1.1.1. Plasticine
Dio Santo Sport 1.1.2. Jeremiah
Kishkashta Sport 1.1.2. Jeremiah
Tension Sport 1.1.2. Jeremiah
Route 1 Sport 1.1.7. Pokemon
140$ Sport 1.2.1. Academy
Boarder Line L1 Sport 1.2.1. Academy
Dr. Evil & Mr. Hide Sport 1.2.1. Academy
Poor Man's Natif Sport 1.2.1. Academy
7a+ New Left Sport 1.1.2. Jeremiah
Pigs in Space Sport 1.1.3. Pigs In Space
Jibril Rajub Sport 1.1.6. Africa
6a+ For Warm Up Sport 1.2.2. Ventilator
7b The Suitcase Sport 1.1.3. Pigs In Space
Batman's Arete Sport 1.2.1. Academy
Pain In The Ass Sport 1.2.1. Academy
Piano Sport 1.2.1. Academy
7b+ Mixta Grill Sport 1.2.1. Academy
Organized Crime Sport 1.2.1. Academy
7c Cairo Slammer Sport 1.1.2. Jeremiah
Long Espresso Sport 1.1.2. Jeremiah
Kalabush Kahir Sport 1.1.3. Pigs In Space
Face It! Sport 1.1.5. Monk
Beef Shoulder L2 Sport 1.2.1. Academy
Dvivon Sport 1.2.1. Academy
First for Entertainment Sport 1.2.1. Academy
Yonatan Shapira Sport 1.2.1. Academy
7c+ Jeremiah Sport 1.1.2. Jeremiah
Islends In The Stream Sport 1.2.1. Academy
Sometimes Difficult Never Impossible Sport 1.2.1. Academy
8a Iraki-Party Sport 1.1.3. Pigs In Space
Doctor Resha Sport 1.2.1. Academy
Ema Taliban Sport 1.2.1. Academy
Iraki-Party Sport 1.2.1. Academy
King of Vafaunculo Sport 1.2.1. Academy
Michael Jackson Sport 1.2.1. Academy
Stam Sport 1.2.1. Academy
8a+ In Memory of Yoav Nir Sport 1.1.3. Pigs In Space
Eric's Monster Sport 1.2.1. Academy
Yoav Nir Direct Sport 1.2.1. Academy
8b Russians in Space Sport 1.1.2. Jeremiah
8c Passing Red Lines Sport 1.2.1. Academy
8A Sgalgelet Boulder 1.2.1. Academy