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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Cuneo Area/Granda Val Pellice Purchera
6c Gang Bang Sport
6a Squirting Sport
7c Bondage Sport
6a+ Hot Milf Sport
Cuneo Area/Granda Val Pellice La Centrale
7b Muschin
7b+ Pelle di serpe
7b+ Moustique
7a+ S3S
6c Cocopelli
8a+ Machete cortes
7a+ Lady vendetta
8a+ Kill Bill
8a Nagasaki
8a+ Hatorihanzo
7c+ Kotegaeshi
8a Miss Ming
8a Voice of Buddha
7c+ Jaguara
7b Profumi d'oriente
7b+ Regole d'ingaggio
6c+ L'ultimo Samurai
7a+ Desaparecido
6c Gigi a Parigi
7a Nonno Duke
Cuneo Area/Granda Val Pellice Falesia di Bobbio Pellice
5c Lou Poli Fai coum la ratamuza Trad 200m, 9
Cuneo Area/Granda Val Pellice Rocca Fautet
6b Fuppi Sport
5c+ Fiori e spine Sport
5c Janet Sport
5c Scacco matto Sport
6c Passaggio per l’Olimpo Sport
6b Dita trita Sport
7a Okuto e nanto Sport
6b+ Sospiro e tiro Sport
6c Puppi leno Sport
6b Pippi lilli Sport
6a I° sale e II° scende Sport
6c Ken e toky Sport
6b+ Bloob Sport
6c+ Bolle di sapone Sport
6b Scudo di pippo Sport
6b+ Prendi il ginepro Sport
6c Tetto matto Sport
Cuneo Area/Granda Val Pellice Monte Palavas
6a Torrione Superiore Via Michelin-Masoero Trad 160m, 6
Cuneo Area/Granda Val Pellice Parete del Pis
6b Profondo rosso Trad 100m, 4
6b Il giorno di maometto Trad 180m, 6
6a Sperone di Destra Trad 130m, 5
7b Balla coi lupi Trad 160m, 6
6a+ Dove osano le Aquile Trad 170m, 7
6b Phenomena + profondo rosso Trad 160m, 5
7a Sul nido del cuculo Trad 150m, 5
6c+ Suspiria Trad 120m, 5
6b Phenomena Trad 140m, 6
Cuneo Area/Granda Val Pellice Parete delle Pausette
6a Via del Ragno Trad 80m
6c via Michelin-Carignano Trad 70m, 3
6c+ Mon Ton Trad 80m, 5
Cuneo Area/Granda Val Pellice Monte Manzol
6b Scalabrun+Papone sei al riparo Trad 400m
Cuneo Area/Granda Val Pellice Rocca Ciabert
6c Michelin-Masoero Trad 200m, 10
Cuneo Area/Granda Val Pellice Torrione Rubinella
5c Lou pertur da chat Trad 130m, 7
5a Via Michelin Trad 110m, 4
Cuneo Area/Granda Val Pellice Punta Ostanetta
5c Via delle Fessura Trad 230m, 8
6b Striscia Bianca Trad 200m, 7
6a Papillon Trad 400m, 7
6b Via del Camino Trad 160m, 6
6a+ Il luogo del silenzio Trad 200m, 6
6a+ Okstanett Plaisir Trad 330m, 10
6a+ Superphoenix Trad 180m, 6
6b Vlatopa Trad 240m, 8
6a+ Via Toccata e fuga Trad 160m, 6
6a via Classica Trad 400m
6a+ Passaggio a Nord Ovest Trad 240m, 7
6b Via delle Clessidre Trad 350m
6c+ Via Chiara Trad 200m, 7
7a Gemme di Maggio Trad 200m, 6
6b+ Barbera barrique Trad 230m
Cuneo Area/Granda Gruppo del Monviso Monviso
{UIAA} 3 Via Normale - South Face

This is the Hiker's route on the south face and the typical way to descent from the summit. The start of the route begins at the "Andreotti" bivouac, a hut used only for emergency. This hut can be approached from either Varaita Valley or Quintino Sella Hut, over the Forciolline Pass. The best time to attempt this climb is between the last week of August and mid September, where ice and snow have disappeared and the rock is stabilized. In this period crampons and ice gear are generally not necessary but parties usually start the route roped and wearing helmets and head torches. The route is signed by yellow marks and it takes normally 6 hours to reach the cross on the summit.

FA: William Mathews, Frederick Jacomb & Jean Baptiste Croz e Michel Croz 1861

Unknown 1000m
D Passo delle Sagnette Via ferrata 250m
{UIAA} 4 - 5- FR:3c - 4b Cresta Est - Eastern Flank

This multipitch is best climbed from mid-August to mid-September where all rocks are stable and ice and snow disappeared from chimneys and canyons. From Pian Del Re carpark (2020m above sea level), hike for 2h and 45min to Quintino Sella Hut (2640m). From the hut hike up to the Viso pass. From the pass you can see two gigantic steep canyons. The right-one called "Canale del Lago Grande" is the beginning of the eastern flank route (2700m). The route is a series of pitches of small walls, chimneys and pinnacles alternate with scrambles of easy to medium difficulty. The most direct route (avoiding the Roberts Tower) will take 4.5 to 6 hrs to the summit. Descent is made through the safer Via Normale on the southern face and will take an extra 4 to 5 hours. The eastern flank route is equipped of few bolts and belay stations on the most difficult places and is marked sparsely by yellow and red marks but the line follows the main flank to the top and is very intuitive. The altitude (summit at 3841m above sea level) will add a severe difficulty to an technically easy climbing route. Typically the climb can be done in three days with two nights at the hut (booking required).

FA: E. Kind/A. Kind/U. Valbusa/A. Weber, 2002

Trad 1100m
{US} D+ Couloir Coolidge - North Face

FA: W. Coolidge/C. Almer 1881

Alpine 1800m
Via dei torrioni Centrali Alpine
Via dei canali di Destra Alpine
Via Guillemin Quatrefages Lezin Pic Alpine
Via Binaghi Bonacossa Bramani Alpine 900m
Via Diretta del Triangolo - West Face Alpine 2000m
Couloir Nordest Alpine 1800m
Cresta Berhault

FA: Patrile/Tranchero, Jun 2068

Alpine 2000m
Canale Perotti Ice 1900m
{UIAA} 3 Cresta NNo - North-north-west arete Trad 740m

FA: Andrea Parodi e Giorgio Massone, 2007

Super Diretta

FA: Federico Varengo e Alberto Fantone, 2005

Ice 1100m
6b Via Regina di PIetra

FA: Ezio Rinaudo & Alberto Fantone, 2005

Alpine 740m
Cuneo Area/Granda Gruppo del Monviso Visolotto
3c South Face Trad 350m
Cresta Cerradini
{UIAA} 3+ Via Normale - South Face

The route is provided with rap stations to have the whole descent covered (50m rope). This is the easiest way to reach the summit of this peak. Lonely and though ambience.

Trad 1700m
{UIAA} 3+ Cresta sud-est e traversata delle tre punte

FA: Mario Borelli, Quaglia, Ettore Santi & C. Virando, 2008

Trad 1800m
Cuneo Area/Granda Gruppo del Monviso Punta Roma
{UIAA} 2 Punta Roma - Via Normale

FA: U. Valbusa, 2003

Trad 1100m
{UIAA} 4- Cresta del Colonnello (Arete)

Some protection was placed on this classic trad route of historical importance in 2008. The approach to the start is from the Giacoletti Hut, following the track towards Pian del Re, passing Superiore Lake and taking the path towards Punta Roma and then the right fork for Passo del Colonello. From here continue crossing the grassy depression and after a few turns you arrive at a narrow rocky gully. Cross this following the path between the rocks and proceed from ledge to ledge until at the Giacoletti pass marked by plaque at 2990m. The route is marked and often protected with FH and fixed ropes in the most exposed sections. Simulclimbing is the popular climbing technique on this route and an excellent place to practise this technique.

FA: G. Perotti/G. Perotti, Aug 2021

Sport 1100m
6a Ti' Punch - West Face Sport 300m, 8
4c Trois Rivières Sport 300m, 8
Cuneo Area/Granda Gruppo del Monviso Punta Udine
6a Visto per il Peru' - East Face

This is the first multipitch route on the east wall of Punta Udine and regarded as a masterpiece of stylish climbing. This once runout sport route had a facelift in 2009 and now aims to become one of the best sport climbs on Monviso. This route starts in a white groove only few minutes south of Giacoletti Hut and the beginning is marked by a plaque. Descent is made from the top of Colle del Coulour del Porco and then the fixed ropes back to the hut. The route can be rapped from belay station #4. P1: 30m 5c P2: 35m 5c P3: 35m 6a P4: 25m 5b P5: 20m 5c P6: 35m 5b P7: 35m 5a P8: 45m 4a P9: 45m 6a P10: 30m 4c P11: 40m 5b P12: 15m 4b

FA: M. Piras/P. Brezzo, 1998

Sport 390m, 12
5b+ The last “Bavorak” for Ernesto Bano - East Face

This Route can be combined with the last pitches of Visto per il Peru to reach the summit of Punta Udine. The beginning is marked by plaque few minutes from the hut, taking the path towards the single pitch wall. Descent can be rapped up to pitch 5. After that same as Visto per il Peru route. P1: 40m 6a+ P2: 30m 6a P3: 35m 6b+ P4: 25m 5c P5: 45m 4a P6: 15m 2b P7: -- P8:20m -- P9: 45m 6a P10: 30m 4c P11: 40m 5b P12: 15m 4b

FA: G. Baret/A. Sorbino, 1998

Sport 390m, 12

Showing 1 - 100 out of more than 1,000 routes.