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Rank Climber Karma
1 Cris Brazzelli 177,178points
2 Daniel 40,505points
3 Dario 39,978points
4 23,256points
5 Melwin Quacke 22,477points
6 Jakob 20,216points
7 14,043points
8 Nicola Beccu 13,079points
9 Luca 10,039points
10 6,547points
11 Vanessa Wills 4,694points
12 Dayal 4,180points
13 damian.ralet 3,754points
14 Martin Vestol 2,805points
15 Patrick A. Burr 1,872points
16 Sammi 1,705points
17 Simone Ravo 1,225points
18 Philip 1,195points
19 Jörg 1,014points
20 Paul Badenoch 1,005points
21 Yuri Dublyansky 958points
22 Jim Croft 851points
23 Anthony Geoghegan 841points
24 eigil rognan 824points
25 Paolo 811points

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