Topo #1775

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Route Grade Popularity Style
1 Primtemps

leftmost route

4a Sport 9m Unlink route
11 Sex bomb
6a Sport 20m Unlink route
31 Grandi labbra
6a+ Sport 30m Unlink route
45 Zuppa inglese
7a+ Sport 28m Unlink route
18 Via della grotta

Offwidth start at left cave

5b Sport 20m Unlink route
54 Bada Bimba
6c Sport 15m Unlink route
57 Pesto duro contro il muro

right-leaning crack

6c+ Sport 17m Unlink route
60 Crudelia

slightly overhanging enduro arete on excellent jugs

6b Sport 18m Unlink route
68 Discovery

slabby start, some moves on manufactured holds

6b Sport 17m Unlink route

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