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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Piemonte Cuneo Area/Granda Gruppo del Monviso Monviso
Canale Perotti Ice 1900m
Super Diretta

FA: Federico Varengo e Alberto Fantone, 2005

Ice 1100m
Piemonte Cuneo Area/Granda Gruppo del Monviso Viso di Vallanta
Bubu Gully Ice
Piemonte Cuneo Area/Granda Stura S.Anna di Vinadio Paperopoli
4b Nonna Papera Ice
4b Amelia Ice
Piemonte Cuneo Area/Granda Stura S.Anna di Vinadio Topolinia
5c Ottoperotto Ice
Piemonte Cuneo Area/Granda Stura Rifugio Migliorero
4b Cookie Ice
5a Mille buchi Ice
5c Mietta placchetta Ice
Piemonte Torino - Susa Val di Susa/Bardonecchia Avigliana
4c 10 Ice
Piemonte Torino - Susa Ivrea Cuorgne Fontanino
7a extreme Ice
Piemonte Torino - Susa Ivrea Cuorgne Placca delle Vipere
4 chiara Ice
Piemonte Torino - Susa Valli di Lanzo Viu Arcieuva
Piemonte Val d'Ossola Lago Maggiore Piemontese Mottarone Gufo
5c Pongo Ice 20m
Val d'Aosta Gran Paradiso Val di Cogne, vallata principale
WI4 Parto gemellare

An icefall that develops right over the main road of the valley! P1 starts at the bottom of the avalanche protector "Lays" that covers that section of road. It's the hardest pitch, nearly vertical pillar with anchor on the left. Two easier pitches follow, but are not visible from the road. Virtually no approach. Please park you car sensibly as that road is quite trafficked.

Ice 150m, 3
Val d'Aosta Gran Paradiso Cogne/Lillaz
WI3 Cascate di Lillaz

A lovely introductory icefall, with a very short approach. It's equipped with lots of anchors along the way and can be curtained virtually anywhere.

Ice 250m
Val d'Aosta Gran Paradiso Valnontey
WI4- Patrì Left

Megaclassic, with many possible variations. Often crowded, to be avoided on the weekend. It forms rather early and also in relatively warm winters.

FA: G.C. Grassi & P. Marchisio, 1985

Ice 250m, 5
WI4 Patrì Right

Variation of the original Patrì (left). Same as above until the last section, then follow the pillar on the right.

Ice 250m, 5
WI5 Patrì direttissima (central)

As above, then go for the middle pillar, if it formed that winter.

Ice 250m, 5
3 Acheronte

Further along than Patrì, with a long uphill approach. Also fairly busy.

FA: M. Bisio, G. Caneva & G.C. Grassi, 1985

Ice 300m
WI3 Grand Val Ice
Val d'Aosta Gran Paradiso Valeille
WI3 Pattinaggio Artistico

Classic route with short access (30m)

FA: G.C. Grassi & N. Margaria, 1986

Ice 180m, 5
WI5 Pattinaggio Artistico Diretta

The direct start of Pattinaggio Artistic. Does not form every year.

Ice 50m
WI4 Hard Ice in the Rock

Another mega-classic. This is the top half of the waterfall, which is usually in solid conditions. For the bottom half, there are plenty of (hard) variations.

FA: Bonzonnet, Garlon, Girodo, Grassi, Margaria & Philibert, 1986

Ice 300m, 8
WI5 Stella Artice Ice 200m, 4
M6 (In)Achevée Conception Ice 150m, 5
WI4 Cold Couloir

A great classic, and the longest route in Cogne.

FA: G.C. Grassi, N. Margaira & M. Rossi, 1985

Ice 600m, 10
WI4 Candelabro del Coyote

Popular classic route.

FA: S. Calvi & G. Ghigo, 1986

Ice 150m, 6
WI4 Tuborg

The first icefall from the walk in on the right (LHS facing the river flow)

FA: G. Ghigo, 1986

Ice 200m, 7
Lombardia Bergamo - Brescia Bergamo Cornagera TORRIONE GARLINI E LONGO
4a Via dello sperone centrale Ice 10m
Lombardia Bergamo - Brescia Bergamo Brembilla LUCERTOLE
Lombardia Bergamo - Brescia Bergamo Brembilla SOLE
Lombardia Bergamo - Brescia Iseo Lake Val Salarno Massi Aldo Poli
{UIAA} 5- Arnica Ice 15m
{UIAA} 5 Stella alpina Ice 16m
Lombardia Bergamo - Brescia Val Sabbia/Idro Area Travata (Travaa)
7a Ernia Ice 15m
Friuli Alpi Giulie Ponte San Quirino Tempesta Magnetica
6c+ Bel muschietto Ice
Friuli Alpi Carniche del sud Falesia di Travesio Settore DX
6a Il muros e la morosa Ice
Friuli Alpi Carniche del sud Villa Santina Villa Nuova
8a Senza Nome 1 Ice
Friuli Trieste Area Val Rosandra Piccola Ferrovia 1
6b+ Fessura Paolo Ice
Friuli Trieste Area Val Rosandra Piccola Ferrovia 2
6c SN 3 Ice
Toscana Firenze Monsummano Cava Grigria
YDS_ALT:5.12 Initation Ice

Showing all 42 routes.