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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Liguria Oltre Finale Bric dell'Agnellino
C Ferrata degli Artisti
45 min From the village of Isallo at the ferrata sign, follow the steep trail maked with red dots.
3.00 hr
2 hr Follow red dots (keep harness on) and use cables to descend to join the track.
Via ferrata 670m
Liguria Genova Rocca del Reopasso
E Ferrata Deanna Orlandini
25 min From the town of Crocefieschi follow tracks with marks (empty yellow squares) to Rocche di Reopasso Crags then follow orange marks to beginning of ferrata.
2.30 hr (4 separated sectors of Ferrata)
1 hr F.I.E. track to town.
Via ferrata 300m
Liguria Chiavari Monte Roncalla
A Via Ferrata Adolfo Ferrari Via ferrata 180m
Liguria Chiavari Santo Stefano d'Aveto
B Ferrata Mazzocchi Via ferrata 100m
Piemonte Cuneo Area/Granda Gruppo del Monviso Monviso
D Passo delle Sagnette Via ferrata 250m
Piemonte Cuneo Area/Granda Gruppo del Monviso Punta Udine
A Couloir del Porco

This is the Via Ferrata Hiking route provided of chains and fixed ropes and hardware used to reach the summits of the peaks or as a mean of a safe and quick descent for rock climbers.

Via ferrata 800m
Piemonte Cuneo Area/Granda Saluzzo/Varaita/Po Rocca Senghi
D Ferrata Senghi Via ferrata 200m
Piemonte Cuneo Area/Granda Saluzzo/Varaita/Po Frassino
D Ferrata di Chiaronto Via ferrata 240m
Piemonte Cuneo Area/Granda Maira/Grana Camoglieres
D Crocetta Soprana
5 min From the town of Camoglieres. Park the car at Locanda Del Silenzio.
3.00 hr Bring some extra slings and Biners for tricky change of protection lanyards on few sections.
40 min Marked easy walking track from the summit.
Via ferrata 600m
Piemonte Cuneo Area/Granda Maira/Grana Monte Oronaye
{US} C Ferrata degli Alpini
3 hr From the village of Viviere park the car in proximity of the ferrata sign. Follow the track S9 then S30 to the Bouivac Enrico Mario.
1.30 hr Some trad gear needed to complete passages.
2.5 hr Abseil/Downclimb to beginning of ferrata.
Via ferrata
Piemonte Cuneo Area/Granda Stura Entraque
{US} D Ferrata dei Funs Via ferrata 400m
Piemonte Cuneo Area/Granda Vernante/Tenda/Roya Tende
{US} TD Les comtes de lascaris Via ferrata 1000m
Piemonte Cuneo Area/Granda Vernante/Tenda/Roya La Brigue
{US} TD La Ciappea Via ferrata 600m
Piemonte Cuneo Area/Granda Ceva/Garessio Bagnasco
{US} D Ferrata della Rocca dei Corvi Via ferrata 100m
Piemonte Cuneo Area/Granda Ceva/Garessio Rocca dei Corvi
D Ferrata Rocca dei Corvi Via ferrata 100m
Piemonte Torino - Susa Val Chisone/Cesana Monte Bourcet
D Ferrata N. Ciardelli
20 min From Roreto (Roure)
2 hr
40 min Easy track marked with red dots or direct downclimb marked with blue dots (wear harness).
Via ferrata 400m
Piemonte Torino - Susa Val di Susa/Bardonecchia Sacra San Michele
{US} C Ferrata Carlo Giorda alla Sacra di San Michele
10 min From the village of Santambrogio
3.30 hr
45 min Walk down the dirt road.
Via ferrata 550m
Piemonte Torino - Susa Val di Susa/Bardonecchia Orrido di Foresto
{US} C Ferrata dell'Orrido di Foresto
20 min From the village of Foresto.
3.30 hr
20 min
Via ferrata 250m
Piemonte Torino - Susa Val di Susa/Bardonecchia Orrido di Chianocco
{US} C Ferrata dell'Orrido di Chianocco
10 min from Chianocco town.
1-1.30 hr
20 min Signed track to Chianocco
Via ferrata 150m
Piemonte Torino - Susa Val di Susa/Bardonecchia Rocca Clari'
D Via Ferrata Perona-Saglia
15 min From Gorge crag carpark between Cesana and Claviere on the French-Italian Border.
3 hr
1.30 hr Well signed track and over the longest Tibetan bridge in Europe (toll) to the carpark.
Via ferrata 700m
Piemonte Torino - Susa Val di Susa/Bardonecchia Melezet
D Ferrata del Rouas Via ferrata 1000m
Piemonte Torino - Susa Val di Susa/Bardonecchia Rocca Bianca
{US} C Ferrata di Rocca Bianca di Caprie Via ferrata 350m
Piemonte Torino - Susa Val di Susa/Bardonecchia Punta Charra'
A Ferrata degli Alpini Via ferrata 200m
Piemonte Torino - Susa Val di Susa/Bardonecchia Claviere
C Ferrata del Bunker Via ferrata 470m
Piemonte Torino - Susa Val di Susa/Bardonecchia Giaglione Gorge
{US} C Ferrata Gorge della Dora Giaglione Via ferrata 300m
Piemonte Torino - Susa Val di Susa/Bardonecchia Novalesa
{US} A Sentiero Cascate di Novalesa Via ferrata 50m
Piemonte Torino - Susa Valli di Lanzo Rocca Candelera
D Ferrata di Rocca Candelera Via ferrata 400m
Piemonte Val d'Ossola Valsesia Altipiano di Cimalegna
C Via Ferrata E. Detomasi
From the town of Alagna (Valsesia), take the cabway to Pianalonga then the chairlift to Bocchetta delle Pisse (2450m), or the track 5F (3 hr from Alagna).
1.30-2 hr (3 ferratas of different grade).
From the rock cairn o the summit (2780m) back to the chairlift. Several numbered tracks exist to go back to Alagna.
Via ferrata 300m, 3
Piemonte Val d'Ossola Domodossola / Macugnaga Passo Bottarello
D Ferrata del Lago Via ferrata 500m
Piemonte Val d'Ossola Biella Monte Mucrone
B Ferrata del Limbo
1.15 hr Take the cabway Oropa-Lago Mucrone and follow the signs to the lake. Scramble for 15 up the obvious arete until you find the metal steps.
2 hr
1hr From the summit follow the track D24 over the opposite side of the mountain to the cabway station.
Via ferrata 300m
Piemonte Val d'Ossola Biella Monte Mars
C Via Ferrata Ciao Miki
50 min From Oropa Basilica take the cableway to Oropa Sport then take the track D23 to the beginning of this new ferrata.
1.30 hr
2 hr Take track D23 descending the south face.
Via ferrata 180m
Piemonte Val d'Ossola Biella Monte Tovo
C Via Ferrata Nito Staich
20 min From Oropa Basilica to Rosazza Hut following red dots over loose rock.
1.20 hr and extra 1.30 hr to M. Tovo Summit.
40 min or 1.45 hr from summit following white and red paint marks then track n.32
Via ferrata
Piemonte Val d'Ossola Biella Balma
C Ferrata della Balma Via ferrata 150m
Val d'Aosta Verres - Donnas Area Ferrata di Covarey
D Ferrata di Covarey Via ferrata 120m
Val d'Aosta Gran Paradiso
A Ferrata Punta Valletta Via ferrata 280m
{US} E Ferrata del Monte Emilius
4 hr From the village Pila take the chairlift of Chamole to the end at 2300m of altitude. From here take the track n.19c then n.19a to Chamole Pass (2600m) and down to Arbolle Hut. From here track n.14 and n.16 to the left (track n.16a) to the Carrel Pass (2907m) with the Bouivac (9 beds) and the ferrata starts at the back of the hut.
3.00-4.00 hr (some exposed scrambling) to the peak of M. Emilius (3551m).
4.00 hr on the Via Normale or South Route. Alpine gear.
Via ferrata 750m
{US} C Ferata di Casimiro Via ferrata 350m
{US} A Ferrata al Gran Paradiso Via ferrata 200m
{US} B Ferrata Bethaz-Bovard
5 min From the town of Valgrisenche park the car and walk toward the dam. The ferrata starts in proximity of a water spring next to an old stone hut.
4.30 hr
2.5 hr From the summit of Becca dell'Aouille to the pass looking west and down a wide gully to the track n.18 to the village of La Bethaz. From here is 2.5 Km to Valgrisenche.
Via ferrata 1300m
Val d'Aosta Morgex H. Marguerettaz
A Via Ferrata Hans Marguerettaz
35 min From the town of Morgex walk on the dirt road SR39 to the fork and take track n.14a to the climbing gym and then to the beginning of the ferrata following the signs.
20 min
20 min The ferrata can be easily back climbed or take an alternative track to the rural village of Chirriaz.
Via ferrata 200m
Val d'Aosta Gran Combin area Colle Oyace
C Ferrata Crète Seche Via ferrata 800m
Val d'Aosta Mont Blanc/Courmayeur Rifugio Monzino Franco
{US} A Ferrata del Rifugio Monzino Franco Via ferrata 300m
Val d'Aosta Mont Blanc/Courmayeur Rifugio Borelli-Pivano
{US} B Ferrata del Rifugio Borelli-Pivano Via ferrata 2300m
Val d'Aosta Mont Blanc/Courmayeur Mont Chetif
A Sentiero attrezzato da La Villette Via ferrata
Val d'Aosta Mont Blanc/Courmayeur Brenva
C Sentiero Francesco e Giuditta Gatti Via ferrata 130m
Val d'Aosta Gressoney
{US} D Ferrata delle Guide di Gressoney
5 min From the village of Tache a faint grassy trail leads to the rock wall and the beginning of the ferrata.
1.30-2.30 hr
45 min Trails n.11, n.10 to the beginning of the ferrata.
Via ferrata 750m
{US} D Jose Angster
15 min From the sky village of Gressoney take the trail to and around Gover Lake to meet with track n.4a, through the thick pine forest following the signs to rock gym and ferrata.
1-1.30 hr
25 min From the summit hut take the track n.4a back to Gover Lake.
Via ferrata 350m
A Masso Kleiner Harry Potter Via ferrata 30m
Val d'Aosta Valtournenche/Cervinia
{US} A Ferrata Sperone Volfréde
2 hr From the fishing club, 4Km south of Cervinia, take the trail to the glacier of Vofrede. At the fork take the right path to the beginning of the ferrata.
1.30-2.00 hr
3.00-3.30 hr Continue to the Vofrede pass on loose rock and occasional yellow marks and cairns then descent to Gran Lago, to reach an abandoned hut and take the trail to Vuillermoz Hut, but many itineraries can be chosen to return to Cervinia.
Via ferrata 430m
{US} D Ferrata del Gorbeillon

APPROACH: 20 min. From the village of Crépin the trail n.6 leads to the beginning of the ferrata, at an altitude of about 1650mt, in 15-20 minutes. From the car park, you go to the left and take the path 6 to the artificial lake of Cignana that winds up steeply through the forest until you reach the climbing gym "Valtournenche". Just before the "gym", you find the ferrata sign: the beginning is on a bend (right) of the path. The area is also equipped with a "Ferrata test route" for beginners to familiarize with hardware and equipment.

FERRATA 1.30-2 hr

DESCENT: 45 min. Keep following the cables downhill, easily over grass interspersed with short sections of steep rock until you reach the upper end of the "Ferrata Test" cables. Continue down to the right, always aided by metal cables, until you reach the path where they end. Following this path (always to the right) to return, in about 150 meters, to the base of the ferrata. From here you return back to the parking area.

Via ferrata 200m
Lombardia Bergamo - Brescia Bergamo Alben-Oltre il Colle
NCCS:V D Ferrata Maurizio

very aerial and nice via Ferrata on Monte Alben, following the central/Lh side of the wall

Via ferrata 450m
Trentino-Alto Adige Arco - Trento Area Valle del Sarca Monte Casale
{FR} C Via Ferrata Che Guevara Via ferrata 1400m
Trentino-Alto Adige Gruppo del Sella Brigata Tridentina
Brigata Tridentina

A great moderate Via Ferrara. quite exposed. amazing views

Via ferrata 600m
Trentino-Alto Adige Gruppo del Sella Piz Miara
C Via Pößnecker

FA: Haupt & Mayr, 1907

Via ferrata 700m
Veneto Gruppo di Fanes
A Sentiero Barbara Via ferrata 550m
D C. Tomaselli Via ferrata 300m
D Ferrata degli Alpini - Col dei Bos Via ferrata 300m
B Veronesi Via ferrata 100m
A Tru Dolomieu Via ferrata
B Ferrata della Pace Via ferrata 500m
Veneto Cortina d'Ampezzo Area Croda Rossa di Sesto
{US} D Zandonella Via ferrata 500m
Veneto Cortina d'Ampezzo Area Torre di Toblin
{US} A Feldkurat Hosp
This Ferrata is the one way descent from the summit of Toblin Tower (see 'Ferrata delle Scalette')
30-40 min
2.30-3 hr to Auronzo Hut carpark
Via ferrata 150m
{US} D Ferrata delle Scalette
2 .30 hr from Auronzo Hut (toll road), take the tourist path to Locatelli Hut (Drei Zinnen)
45 min
3 hr Via Ferrata Hosp and back through Drei Zinnen trail to Auronzo hut carpark
Via ferrata 150m
Veneto Cortina d'Ampezzo Area Monte Paterno
{US} A Ferrata Innerkofler-De Luca Via ferrata 200m
Veneto Cortina d'Ampezzo Area Gruppo Marmarole
B Da Pra" Via ferrata 450m
A Jau Tana Via ferrata
Veneto Cortina d'Ampezzo Area Gruppo Tofane
B Via Ferrata G. Lipella Via ferrata 1200m
C Via Ferrata E. Bovero Via ferrata 200m
B Formenton Via ferrata 200m
B Olivieri Via ferrata 1000m
A Sentiero Astaldi Via ferrata 500m
Veneto Cortina d'Ampezzo Area Gruppo del Cristallo
B Via Ferrata M. Bianchi Via ferrata 150m
A Sentiero I. Dibona Via ferrata 150m
A Rene' De Pol Via ferrata 300m
Veneto Cortina d'Ampezzo Area Gruppo dei Cadini
B Via Ferrata Merlone Via ferrata 500m
B Bonacossa Via ferrata 600m
B Mazzetta Via ferrata 110m
Veneto Cortina d'Ampezzo Area Pomagagnon
B Strobel Via ferrata 1000m
A Zumeles Via ferrata 300m
Veneto Cortina d'Ampezzo Area Monte Faloria
D Ferrata Sci Club 18 Via ferrata 370m
Veneto Cortina d'Ampezzo Area Anello Sorapiss
C Ferrata Vandelli Berti Via ferrata 1600m
Veneto Marmolada Monte Civetta
D Ferrata Fiamme Gialle Via ferrata 480m
D Via Ferrata G. Costantini Via ferrata
B Alleghesi Via ferrata 1100m
B Tissi Via ferrata 250m
Veneto Marmolada Pale di San Martino
C Fiamme Gialle Croda Granda Via ferrata 200m
B D. Buzzati Via ferrata 1300m
A Sentiero del Cacciatore Via ferrata 1500m
C Stella Alpina Via ferrata 300m
D Ferrata del Canalone/Punta della Disperazione Via ferrata 430m
B Ferrata dell'Orsa Via ferrata
Veneto Marmolada Gruppo Marmolada
B Piccolin Via ferrata 150m
C Ferrata Eterna Via ferrata
D Trincee Via ferrata 250m
A Sass de Rocia Via ferrata 130m
B Ombretta Via ferrata 1600m
C Kaiserjager Via ferrata 850m
A Gadotti Via ferrata 1400m
B Punta Penia Via ferrata 450m
C Finanzieri Via ferrata 600m

Showing 1 - 100 out of 136 routes.