Topo #4532 - Akibasho Rock

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Route Grade Popularity Style
1 Tenshi no kaidan

Translates as "Angels Stairs"

5.11c Trad 40m Unlink route
2 ** Nanashi no Gonbee

Translates as "Anonymous" (No Name)

5.10a Trad 30m Unlink route
3 ** Walk On

Start up Nanshi no Gonbee to the small roof, go over the roof and into the thin finger crack above. continue past the tree at half height and continue to follow the obvious crack line. The crack widens as you go from fist to O.W. size. BD C4 #3- 5 is required to protect the top section.

5.11d Trad 30m Unlink route
4 Bunbu wa ryōdō

This line is very gritty and covered with moss and scale, this line will need a fair bit of cleaning before it can be lead again. It looks like a good line and would be worth cleaning up, definitely looks like a one or two star climb.

5.12a Trad 30m Unlink route

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