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Horai is probably "the sportclimbing area" of Japan and always well visitied. It spots about 14 areas and offers awesome climbing during the less humid season of the year.


The crags are dispersed throughout the forrest and can be reached within 20 minutes to 1 hour depending on the area. Most crag bottoms are in the forrest shade all day.

Access issues

Ensure that you park in section "C" as "A" is reserved for hikers. If the parking is full drive down and park next to the bridge at the bigger parking on the other side of the river.


Go to Mikawakawai (三河川合駅) and hike from the train station. By car you can drive up through the village till the end of the road with the small parking and hike to the respective sector.

Ethic inherited from Japan

There`s not a lot of information about climbing in Japan in English. Much of the information is only available in Japanese - or of course here on theCrag!

The Japan Free Climbing Association ( is a good point of contact and there is a set of 5 guidebooks (all in Japanese) and an alpine guide book in English available covering all of Japan and its thousands of sport and trad routes and boulders.


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