Topo #4660

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Area Type
? Aniiwa

The low white slab and golden buttresses directly across the river from the lodge. An excellent and popular venue. The lower slab, in particular, gets very crowded.

Sector Unlink area
? Chichi Iwa

The twin slabs, the left one squat and light, the right one slender and dark, high on the hill just across the river from the lodge offer excellent slab-climbing, but can be top-rope hell.

Area Unlink area

Topo #4659

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Route Grade Popularity Style
1 *** Ogawayama Story

Fantastic route - straight up the white streak on the narrow slab.

5.9 Sport 30m, 5 Unlink route
2 ** Ogawayama Street

Another excellent route tot eh right of Ogawayama Story. Start a bit up and right of OS and straight up. The last bolts are a bit spaced, and crux at the top...

5.9 Sport 26m, 5 Unlink route
3 Ku wa kuraimā no ku


5.10c Sport 22m Unlink route

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