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Rock type is Granite.


The one & only bolted outdoor climbing area at Penang Island.Routes number ( Section 1 : Route 1-7 and Section 2 : Route 8- 14 ) starts from left to right side of the main wall. For routes ( Section 3 : Route 15 to 17 ), they are located opposite the main wall.

Access issues

This place is located just behind a housing estate. So, keep the noise level low when approaching the site.No restriction of access so far.


Best way is to have your own transport to the area.Park your vehicle along the housing estate road & walk in to the site after the water tank on left. Do not walk up the hill slope once you enter the jungle, a slight turn towards your right on flat land & towards left again. Walk straight & you should see the wall at your left.


We just need climbers to keep the area clean, respect the environment & practice safe climbing. A happy & rewarding climbing trip is what we want to achieve at the end of the day. CLIMB ON & HAVE FUN!! Note : Do let us know if any missing bolts or anchors as theft has happened at the area before. You may pm Penang Climbers Facebook page. Thanks!


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Grade Route

NH- Si- the, Katik- short, Sadis - Sick.In other words, it is the shortest and hardest route at that time in Jesselton's wall. FA - Akmal Noor, Kuala Lumpur

NH- Ong Wooi Jin once climbed the route and screamed so hard (on the crux) it sounded like a woman giving birth. It’s almost psychotic. FA – Corey Ho, Penang.

NH – Every time Corey asked his climbing partner (Wooi Jon) to climb and said who else are going to climb ? W. Jin would reply "You, me and a dog named Blue". In other words, just the two of them. FA – Ong Wooi Jin, Penang

NH – unknown FA – Corey Ho, Penang

NH – The name was dedicated to a climber’s girl friend because the girl was leaving for London and then route was named when the girl climb there for the last time. FA – Corey Ho, Penang

NH – The big rock on the route that looks like one of the pioneer climber’s tooth (Saiful) as he only has one tooth in his entire mouth. FA – Azmir Aziz, Penang

NH – When the route was first ascended, there was a skeleton of a dead monkey on top of the anchor. FA – Reza Rahim, Penang.

Part of new routes bolted at 2012. After Dead Monkey to the right. Bolted by Bernard Spack (Swiss) in 2012.

This route was named based on a 16th century novel in china- Journey to the West, a main charater called Sun Wukong, also known as the Monkey King. In the novel, he is a monkey born from a stone who acquires supernatural powers through Taoist practices. After rebelling against heaven and being imprisoned under a mountain by the Buddha, he later accompanies the monk Xuanzang on a journey to retrieve Buddhist sutras from India. And the name "Sun" was changed to "Soon" as suggested by a pioneer Penang climber to appreciate Soon’s efforts who have contributed, setup and bolted the additional new routes in Jesselton’s wall and included the hardest and the first ever 8a grade route(arguable) in Penang. FA – Soon, Penang, 18 May 2013 (Remarks : For Png climber : 8a with limited hand&foot hold access which marked in white color paint Newly bolted by Soon on 13 April 2013)

FA – Mohd Halil, S’pore.

Start from slightly right. NH – The route is so far away from all the other routes that it’s on "No Man’s Land". And it was the hardest route in Jesselton’s wall at that time. FA – Iqmal, Johor

The route was named after a remarkable "Feel The Sun" concept which shared by an ex-Penang climber who has migrated to oversea few years ago. The concept teach us to access the true power of intention through feel the Sun in manifesting our wishes and goals. So, whoever want to on-sight this route, you may find it easier by applying the concept here. FA – Soon, Penang, 27 April 2013

Part of new routes bolted at 2012 by fellow climber ( Bernard Spack ) from Switzerland. After No Man's Land 2nd route to the right.

Each person, at some stage in their life, has had a dream or fantasy of doing or becoming something. To climb a 8a route sound impossible and hard to imagine for me ever since I started climbing. However, until I setup and bolted this new route. Everything seems possible and reasonably doable. It was my mind holding me back all this while. So, let’s live our dream today and "I'm-Possible !" - Soon. FA – Soon, Penang, 10 March 2013 (Remarks : For Png climber : 8a with limited hand&foot hold access which marked in white color paint.

2 6b
3 7a

Bolted at 2012.Just opposite the main wall. Unclimbed so far. Cautions : Those fixed slings ( yellow static rope ) at the pitches anchors are as old from the date it was bolted.Not recommended for anchoring ownself or taking any loads ( replace it with a new once are most welcome ). Do setup your own anchor using the existing metal bolts or anchor in this case for safety purposes ( update as at 17th April 2014).

This slab climb is bolted by fellow climbers from RockWorld climbing gym Kulai ,Johor.

This slab climb is located just to the far right of the First Multipitch route.

The route was named as our fellow climber from Switzerland got a hangover from Penang's night life.Instead of joining us to climb the slab he bolted, he took a nap at the hammock tied right under the route.

Bolted at 2012 by Bernard Spack ( Switzerland ).


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