Fortifications stretching 12km, built by the British Army between 1870 and 1899


Victoria lines is set along the the Great Fault which divides Malta from Madliena in the north to Fomm ir-Rih bay in the west.

Scattered along the Great Fault is a number of fortifications built by the British army between 1870 and 1899, among the fortifications are batteries and and infantry line connected together to form a single line of defense.

Access and parking is great at this crag with most walk-ins less than 15min. The two main locations to climb are in the north and west of the Great Fault.

The climbing style is trad on solid white limestone and mostly short routes between 15m and 30m.

Areas located within the valley can be climbed throughout the day by switching from one wall to the other as the sun moves around. Areas outside the vallies face north and best climbed in the morning to avoid the afternoon sun.


Along the entire Great Fault there is plenty of parking and most sectors are located within an easy 15min walk.


As with most of Malta bolting is discouraged, a few exceptions are allowed

  1. As rap points, and

  2. where ground strikes are likely

but otherwise there are enough points to place gear

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