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tiene 3 cadenas en la reunion

tiene 3 cadenas en la reunion

es la ruta que tiene dos bolts juntos

la reunion esta en un arbol, con una cinta azul y un mosqueton

It has a hard start, make sure you have a good spot

this is a very fun route

Is one of the first routes you will see, following the trail. you will see two green "x" one on top of the other.

is the first one to the left of the fix rope

has a graffiti something of melina

Shares achor with Archer of the skies

has a white x with a dot in the bottom of it

has a flame in the base

It has a painted zero skull at the bottom

shares anchor with zero one

Is the last one, theres an white "x" mark at the bottom of it. The first and second bolts are in line, the trird one is a bit to the left of the route.


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