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In Jul 2014 theCrag community made 19,590 updates and and added 377 new members.

Rank Climber Karma
1 Alberto Sanchez 23,885points
2 20,334points
3 Justin Case 4,666points
4 Javier 3,865points
5 UAFS 3,358points
6 2,741points
7 Carlos vargas zambrano 2,430points
8 actopete 2,299points
9 Zorba Parer 1,103points
10 Anonymous 1,023points
11 karen 826points
12 Rodrigo Garza Maldonado 751points
13 Mario Agustin Torres Oviedo 667points
14 rick 465points
15 @fropuff 435points
16 Jair García 358points
17 Dane Bass 310points
18 Vincenzo Do 288points
19 280points
20 Chayil Timmerman 233points
21 Jesse James 168points
22 Adrian Villa Almazan 155points
23 michael batchelor 144points
24 GodMadeIncubus 139points
25 Matthew L Johnson 133points

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