Topo #1546

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Route Grade Popularity Style
1 * Run For The Border

Starts far left, almost on the back side. Awkward, off-balance and twisty.

5.8 Sport 23m, 10 Unlink route
2 Rey de Enfierno
5.10d Sport 27m Unlink route
3 SeisSeisOcho

Start next to the cement pillar. (Cement pillar is on, rebar is off.)

5.8 Sport 15m, 4 Unlink route
7 Baad Monkey
5.10a Sport 40m, 8 Unlink route
10 ** El Volvo Scorcho
5.9 Sport 24m, 10 Unlink route
15 Bone Factory
5.12b Sport 35m, 10 Unlink route
18 * Coca Cola

F.A. Adam Knoff

5.10b Sport 26m Unlink route
17 ** La Presa
5.11b Sport 29m, 8 Unlink route
19 ** Cerveza

F.A. Kurt

5.10b Sport 26m Unlink route
20 * Chili Dog

3 metros a la derecha de 'cerveza'

5.10c Sport 26m Unlink route
21 * Empanada
5.10c Sport 26m Unlink route
22 Pimpanada
5.9 Sport 27m, 7 Unlink route
23 Unknown 3

Awkward bolt placements.

5.9 Sport Unlink route

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