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This is the beautiful main wall that you see from the campgrounds, right of the narrow opening into the Potrero proper. The tallest peak, approximately in the centre, is "El Toro".

As you look at it, the leftmost silhouetted ridge is the route of "Monster Truck". Closer than this, and running lower than it for most of the climb is a 2nd ridge that goes up to the central (El Toro) peak -- that is "The Scariest Ride in the Park".

Access issues inherited from El Potrero Chico

Most of the climbing here is in a State Park and there is no fee to enter. Please help maintain a clean environment in order to help maintain these privileges.


Varies from sector to sector.

Ethic inherited from Nuevo León

Please don´t litter, some crags like LaHuasteca are a little runout, but thats how they were set, please avoid adding bolts. Rebolting efforts are much apreciated, just send a heads up to the local climbing comunity for safety reasons.



Check out what is happening in Front Side.