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Route Grade Popularity Style
5 * Las Chimuelas

Walk up the trail made of concrete tires leftwards from the tin pavilion until you get to the left-most set of bolts, just before the gulley that is "Tamirindo". The first pitch trends leftwards, avoiding the obvious roof.

5.9 Sport 90m 3 Unlink route
12 * Jungle Mountaineering

Climb the obvious clean water streak right of the Jungle Boy roof, on the generally left side of the wall. (Dane's book describes this as run-out, and pitch 3 is listed as 5.9R in Ed's book -- but it has been re-bolted and is no more run-out than normal for EPC.)

5.10a Sport 120m 4 Unlink route
13 * Yankee Clipper

The summit register is at the end of pitch 13, most people skip the last two pitches, and, especially, the last pitch.

5.10b Sport 460m 15, 12 Unlink route
15 *** Space Boyz

This Potrero classic was bolted entirely on the weekends. Starts just north of the pavilion. Loose rock. Helmet recommended. Please be careful of the partying Mexicans below. This route has been climbed in 2 1/2 hours, car to car.

5.10d Sport 300m 11, 12 Unlink route
18 *** Black Cat Bone

Starts just left of the tree climbing close to the aqueduct. Climbs the black streak through the large roof right of "Space Boyz".

5.10d Sport 270m 9, 14 Unlink route

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