Topo #1549

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Topo Routes resequence
Route Grade Popularity Style
12 ** Flying Scorpion
5.10 Sport 27m, 8 Unlink route
13 Bad Cop, No Donut
5.11b Sport 24m, 8 Unlink route
14 Silverfish
5.11c Sport 34m, 8 Unlink route
19 ** Don Quixote
5.11d Sport 24m, 8 Unlink route
20 ** El Balota
5.12a Sport 26m, 10 Unlink route
22 Mugre Mugre
5.10d Sport 29m, 7 Unlink route
24 Trouble at the Border
5.10d Sport 18m Unlink route
21 Mexico in Flames
5.12a Sport 58m, 8 Unlink route