Time Wave Buttress


Vegetated buttress between "The Surf Bowl" and "The Outrage Wall" with one of the longest climbs in Potrero Chico.

Access issues inherited from El Potrero Chico

Most of the climbing here is in a State Park and there is no fee to enter. Please help maintain a clean environment in order to help maintain these privileges.

Ethic inherited from Nuevo León

Please don´t litter, some crags like LaHuasteca are a little runout, but thats how they were set, please avoid adding bolts. Rebolting efforts are much apreciated, just send a heads up to the local climbing comunity for safety reasons.


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Grade Route
2 5.11a
3 5.9
4 5.9
5 5.10a
6 5.9
7 5.7
9 5.9
10 5.10b
11 5.9
12 5.7
13 5.7
14 5.9
15 5.10a
16 5.10d
17 5.9
18 5.9
19 5.9
20 5.10d
21 5.12a
22 5.8
23 5.6

Fantastic climb!!!! Careful on the raps, knot end of ropes to be sure!

The 5.12a can be french freed.

[dagibbs edit note, 2012] Neither Dane's guide (The Whole Enchilada, 2007) nor Ed's book (Climb El Potrero Chico, 17th ed 2012) mention this route, or anything similar to this route in this area. But, there is a topo for the Outrage Wall in the back of Ed's book that diagrams "Jambo Bwana (TWZ)" beside the Surf Bowl. So, this pretty clearly is the first few pitches of TWZ (until the first garden). Maybe TWZ was only bolted part way when this was first posted? Or the climber thought the 3rd class was the end? [/edit note]

The approach is long, follow the spire path and keep going, the route is on the far left [edit: actually far right] of the Surf bowl. Still very chaucy rock, needs more ascents to clean the route. The crux pitch is made harder in part due to the crimper holds crumpeling while most inconvinient. There is a fixed rope at the top, to rap the top pitch.

-z- you are correct, JumboBwano was the original route, and Timewave was added from the 3rd class ledge. It is in my 2001 guide ... Timewave was added in 2003 I think. Ed and I tried for the 2nd ascent, but were overtaken by a simul climbing Mexican team. They were not going to let us take the 2nd! We only made it to the eighteenth pitch, and they past us on the way down before we got done!

FA: Paul Irby & Dane Bass, 2002

Starts about twenty feet right of Timewave Zero

FA: Greg Millsaps, 2016

Farthest route to the right.

FA: Jan Millsaps, 2016

FA: Mike Burdon

FA: Allen Lee & Mike Burdon

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