Topo #1586

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Route Grade Popularity Style
? *** Black Cat Bone

Starts just left of the tree climbing close to the aqueduct. Climbs the black streak through the large roof right of "Space Boyz".

5.10d Sport 270m 9, 14 Unlink route
1 CatManDo
5.9 Sport 29m, 13 Unlink route
2 Black Catillac
5.11b Sport 30m, 12 Unlink route
3 Pussy Galore
5.10d Sport 30m, 9 Unlink route
? * Slip of the Tongue

Climb up narrow slab section to high first bolt (shared with "Upside Down Cracker", then follow bolts leftward. Shares anchor with "Blood Meridian".

5.7 Sport 26m, 6 Unlink route

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