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Route Grade Popularity Style
18.17 Monster Truck

Looking up into the Potrero from the camping area, there is an obvious steep ridge line up the right side of the Potrero -- that's Monster Truck, the whole ride line. Do the first two pitches of "Quick Draw McGraw", then continue up the ridge following the path of least resistance when the ridge looks harder than 5.9. Lots and lots and lots of pitches, with generous chunks of 3rd class, too.

5.9 X Trad 1800m Unlink route
19.9.1 The Scariest Ride in the Park

Climbs the ridge on the left side of the overlook all the way up to the summit of El Toro. Descent: Traverse the top and rappel "Time Wave Zero" or walk off the hiking trail to the south and east.

5.9 X Trad 1500m 40 Unlink route
21.4.3 *** Satori
5.10c Sport 210m 7, 11 Unlink route
21.4.5 Zapatista

Long approach, but good climbing. Need 2 ropes.

5.12b Sport 150m 5 Unlink route
21.7.3 *** El Sendero Luminoso

Climbs the cleanest, blankest, rock up the center of the central pillar.

5.12+ Sport 530m 15, 15 Unlink route

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