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The Animas Wall is the most obvious, overhung wall with amazing tufas, easy to find. The rock here is orange/yellow limestone. It is hard to decide which route is a classic here since almost all of them are amazing routes. The wall sees sun around mid-day, starting at the left end and moving over to the right end. Depending on the season this means sun from about 11 to 2 or 3pm.


Either walk from Cienega de Gonzales to the crag or drive directly to the base of the crag (4x4 vehicles are recommended).

Ethic inherited from El Salto; C.d.G.

Climbing around Cienega de Gonzalez developed over many years and was and is being carried out by many different developers. Many of them local Mexicans but also loads of foreigners that pass through, bolt and "disappear". The information about climbs in this area is thus incomplete in the sense of route names, developers, first ascensionists and sometimes even grades. Please contribute by entering your grade contributions (Edit Route, enter grade, safe) and by adding new routes and information whenever you encounter it. The climbing community will be thankful!



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Grade Route

These routes are located at the bottom of Las Animas and are accessible from the river bed. Hike down the road and look at the right.

A route with very old hangers located not far from the wooden structure.

Unknown grade, route has no anchor.

Set by Paya, Feb 2013

Starts on grey rock right of the tufa and leads up to good yellow rock.

Set by Ulric, Feb 2013

These are the routes located at the obvious main level from left to right up to the big tree.

The last route on the left of animas wall.

Route full of side-pulls and underclings.

climbs the dihedral up-right to straight finish to anchors

Short route with anchor right of the small tree.

Starts left of bush to anchor under roof.

Start on Bongkatron, but finishes on Cara Cortada.

Set by Curtis Love, 2004

Starts behind the small tree / bush into the open dihedral.

Going up the yellow rock with a bulge in the middle.

The perfect warm-up, super nice climbing on mostly good holds.

Look at the tufa above the first anchor and you just want to climb it! 4 more bolts.

Set by Paco Medina, 1998

Starts on top of the "middle flake" and finishes with the nice grey tufa.

Starts on top of the right (pointy) flake.

Starts right of the flakes, has 2 "random" perma draws on it.

Bajar a la primera reunión para poder descender al piso.

Second route just left of the big tree.

Starts just left of the big tree and crosses right above it. Belayer be careful at the crux moves.

These are the routes located at the obvious main level from left to right right of the big tree.

The obvious grey tufa just when you leave the road to the left side of the crag.

Climbs the huge tufa. Originally graded 5.11b! It seems a hold broke at the start making it 5.11d or even 5.12a. The boulder start is the crux.

FFA: Ramone Huergo, 1997

Goes up left along the big grey tufa ;-). Steep start and tough finish once you loose the tufa to your right.

Share the firsts bolts with Unga Bunga

Hard bouldery crux at the bottom followed by a good rest and then a heady crux up top. 3 huge tufas mark this route on the right side of the wall near the 4 wheeler trail.

Follow the golden stripe

Pasa entre un arbol y una palmera


Check out what is happening in Animas Wall.