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Rank Climber Karma
1 Evgeny Eidelzon 38,662points
2 Ben Jenga 14,322points
3 Vanessa Wills 5,009points
4 Gal Weinstock 3,623points
5 styno 2,066points
6 sufian 1,344points
7 Leo Seib 1,330points
8 Raanan 1,312points
9 Melwin Quacke 1,005points
10 peta barrett 665points
11 565points
12 Brendan Heywood 535points
13 Grigory 396points
14 Joey Friedmann 357points
15 Alex L 329points
16 Chris Beric 320points
17 Goodarz Nategh 270points
18 Murat Kandi 255points
19 adam demmert 248points
20 Justin Case 186points
21 Libor Petula 153points
22 Sindre 149points
23 liv a 135points
24 Ido 131points
25 Zack Novak 130points

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