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In Aug 2014 theCrag community logged 7,678 ascents and and added 453 new members.

Rank Climber Ascents
1 Evgeny Eidelzon 252ascents
2 Ben Jenga 115ascents
3 Vanessa Wills 80ascents
4 adam demmert 72ascents
5 Matt Brooks 61ascents
6 a 56ascents
7 Setenay Ronael 50ascents
8 Murat Kandi 40ascents
9 peta barrett 35ascents
10 styno 26ascents
11 Jens Plinke 24ascents
12 Gal Weinstock 21ascents
12 Grigory 21ascents
14 Christopher Glastonbury 20ascents
14 Oren 20ascents
14 Chris Beric 20ascents
17 Raanan 19ascents
18 Ben Taggart-Ryan 17ascents
19 Joey Friedmann 12ascents
20 Juergen Bollinger 11ascents
21 Melwin Quacke 10ascents
21 Zack Novak 10ascents
23 Aylin 9ascents
24 luke 8ascents
24 Alex Brosh 8ascents

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