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Bobotov Kuk Peak is the highest peak of the Mt Durmitor massif. It is situated in the central part of the main ridge which stretches in the direction southeast- northwest. All its faces are craggy. All crags are characterized by looseness. To the north-west Bobotov Kuk Peak continues to Bezimeni vrh (Nameless Peak) over the rocky ridge. The approach to the peak is possible from several directions. The most popular approaches are from Žabljak via Black Lake. The shortest approach is over Lokvice and Valoviti do, about 5 hrs. From the south-west side an easy approach is the one from Dobri do over Lučina previja, about 4 hrs. West and north-west rock face Škrcka Lakes and these are the largest rocks of Bobotov Kuk Peak. The north-west section is about 300m in height. The west rock face is about 500 m high. The bases of the crag are covered with large screes, sign of the poor quality of the rock. The approach to the crag is from the valley of Škrcka Lakes. The east rock face towers above Valoviti do, with its height of around 200m.Then it gradually lowers down and joins the ridge connecting Bobotov Kuk Peak and Bezimeni vrh.


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