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Table of contents

1. Quantum Field 117 routes in Area

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 171.715069, -43.228950

Access Issues: inherited from Castle Hill Basin

Some areas are part of Kura Tawhiti Conservation Reserve and managed by the DOC, others are private property.

For access to the main Castle Hill area, you can park in the lot available for the Castle Hill Park which contains some walking trails. These walking trails will also take you to Quantum Field or Spittle Hill. This is one of the easiest areas to get up and get going unless you want to fit in a good hike.

If you want access to Flock Hill, Dry Valley or Cave Stream, take a 10 minute drive further north along 73 to park at the Cave Stream Park area. There will be an obvious park sign. You will then need to take a bit of a hike to get where you need to go.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Sea Egg 23Sport
2 * Superlickerman 22Sport
3 ** Pulse Constrictor 21Sport
4 * Roid-Rage 23Sport
5 Brooke Pantyshields 18Sport
6 Offwidth Thing 16Sport
7 ** Suicide by Hallucination 26Sport
8 * Moment of Greed 29Sport
9 Toxic Avenger 25Sport
10 Chit Chat 20Sport
11 * Yakkity Yak 22Sport
12 Mantle Block 21Sport
13 Offwidth Problem 16Sport
14 Heretic 20Sport
15 ** Kiss in the Dreamhouse 20Sport
16 * Bonza Pipeline 24Sport
17 * Scrodinger 26Sport
18 Heisenberg 24Sport
19 Put Your Dukes Up 28Sport
20 ** Hunters Bar 24Sport
21 *** Nether Edge 21Sport 14m
22 * Max Blanck 21Sport
23 * Dr 22Sport
24 * Limestone Cowboy 21Sport
25 Little Ling 18Sport
26 Big Ling 16Sport
27 Turkey Teeth 20Sport
28 Mix Plank 16Sport
29 * Mac's Plank 20Sport
30 The 5. 10d Off-Width 21Sport
31 * Unbearable Lightness 16Sport
32 * Houdini 28Sport
33 Squashed Gecko 17Sport
34 Bloozin' 23Sport
35 ** Vicious Games 25Sport
36 Pig Dog 25Sport
37 The Graze 18Sport
38 * Out To Lunge 23Sport
39 Pie Stop 24Sport
40 El Vista 13Sport
41 Expressway Pile Up 21Sport
42 Like Cockatoos 21Sport
43 * Sleazy Skankin' 22Sport
44 Scrotum 25Sport
45 *** Arseyboo 23Sport
46 Victorialand 15Sport
47 ** What's On The Slab? 19Sport
48 * Sid Lives 24Sport
49 * The Treadmill 28Sport
50 Digging For Fire 22Sport
51 ** Gone With The Wind 26Sport
52 A One Arm Pull Up 20Sport
53 * Snug as a Thug on a Jug 19Sport
54 Hurt So Good 21Sport
55 Afternoon Delight 22Sport
56 * A Taste of Things to Come 21Sport
57 Le Roi de Con 24Sport
58 * Spoonerama 23Sport
59 Critical Mass 14Sport
60 Secret Covenant of Marriage 26Sport
61 * Pathetic Gropes 24Sport
62 My Feet Are My Friends 26Sport
63 Greenpiece 17Sport
64 * Floppy Banana 20Sport 12m
65 Tocodiscos 26Sport
66 *** On Some Faraway Beach 16Sport 20m
67 * Girls Just 14Sport
68 ** Gascrankinstation 26Sport
69 ** Bad Boys Always Swallow 22Sport
70 Good Girls Spit 14Sport
71 Ramases Nibblick The 3rd... 25Sport
72 Epics Incorporated 18Sport
73 Dance of Violence 21Sport
74 Pete's Eats 21Sport
75 ** Dance of Silence 29Sport
76 *** Adios Gringos 25Sport 24m
77 Chocolate Coated Razor Blades 27Sport
78 ** Marmaduke Goes Chipping 23Sport
79 The Haptic Channels 26Sport
80 Phil McKrakin 18Sport
81 The Yellow Peril 18Sport
82 Voila 20Sport
83 Weasel 19Sport
84 Two Toed Sloth 22Sport
85 Love Buckets 12Sport
86 The Arch Route 21Sport
87 Voodoo Child 21Sport
88 *** Subculture 24Sport
89 * Strangers On Journeys 25Sport
90 ** Pumpkin 29Sport
91 Lonesome Cowboy 21Sport
92 Cold Ethyl 15Sport
93 James's Slab 19Sport
94 * James's Arete 16Sport
95 * The Black Vegetable 25Sport
96 Mung Bean 23Sport
97 ** Second Floor 24Sport
98 ** Shout to the Top 17Sport
99 * Slip Up 20Sport
100 General Ledger 16Sport
101 Shriekback 18Sport
102 Slap And Tickle 21Sport
103 The Downtrodden 22Sport
104 Fraudulent Dreams of Teenage Appetite 24Sport
105 Zulu 18Sport
106 Thanks A Slot 20Sport
107 Men Without Wet Patches 18Sport
108 Deceptive Bends 24Sport
109 * King of the Road 24Sport
110 I'm the Boss 26Sport
111 *** The Phoenix V7Boulder
112 ** Gripper V7Boulder
113 ** Rocket Pants V7Boulder
114 ** Cyclops V5Boulder
115 *** Lung Dyno V4Boulder
116 *** Lung Arete V3Boulder
117 Its Love V6Boulder

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style
12 Love Buckets Sport
13 El Vista Sport
14 Critical Mass Sport
* Girls Just Sport
Good Girls Spit Sport
15 Cold Ethyl Sport
Victorialand Sport
16 Big Ling Sport
General Ledger Sport
* James's Arete Sport
Mix Plank Sport
Offwidth Problem Sport
Offwidth Thing Sport
*** On Some Faraway Beach Sport 20m
* Unbearable Lightness Sport
17 Greenpiece Sport
** Shout to the Top Sport
Squashed Gecko Sport
18 Brooke Pantyshields Sport
Epics Incorporated Sport
Little Ling Sport
Men Without Wet Patches Sport
Phil McKrakin Sport
Shriekback Sport
The Graze Sport
The Yellow Peril Sport
Zulu Sport
19 James's Slab Sport
* Snug as a Thug on a Jug Sport
Weasel Sport
** What's On The Slab? Sport
20 A One Arm Pull Up Sport
Chit Chat Sport
* Floppy Banana Sport 12m
Heretic Sport
** Kiss in the Dreamhouse Sport
* Mac's Plank Sport
* Slip Up Sport
Thanks A Slot Sport
Turkey Teeth Sport
Voila Sport
21 * A Taste of Things to Come Sport
Dance of Violence Sport
Expressway Pile Up Sport
Hurt So Good Sport
Like Cockatoos Sport
* Limestone Cowboy Sport
Lonesome Cowboy Sport
Mantle Block Sport
* Max Blanck Sport
*** Nether Edge Sport 14m
Pete's Eats Sport
** Pulse Constrictor Sport
Slap And Tickle Sport
The 5. 10d Off-Width Sport
The Arch Route Sport
Voodoo Child Sport
22 Afternoon Delight Sport
** Bad Boys Always Swallow Sport
Digging For Fire Sport
* Dr Sport
* Sleazy Skankin' Sport
* Superlickerman Sport
The Downtrodden Sport
Two Toed Sloth Sport
* Yakkity Yak Sport
V3 *** Lung Arete Boulder
23 *** Arseyboo Sport
Bloozin' Sport
** Marmaduke Goes Chipping Sport
Mung Bean Sport
* Out To Lunge Sport
* Roid-Rage Sport
* Sea Egg Sport
* Spoonerama Sport
V4 *** Lung Dyno Boulder
24 * Bonza Pipeline Sport
Deceptive Bends Sport
Fraudulent Dreams of Teenage Appetite Sport
Heisenberg Sport
** Hunters Bar Sport
* King of the Road Sport
Le Roi de Con Sport
* Pathetic Gropes Sport
Pie Stop Sport
** Second Floor Sport
* Sid Lives Sport
*** Subculture Sport
25 *** Adios Gringos Sport 24m
Pig Dog Sport
Ramases Nibblick The 3rd... Sport
Scrotum Sport
* Strangers On Journeys Sport
* The Black Vegetable Sport
Toxic Avenger Sport
** Vicious Games Sport
V5 ** Cyclops Boulder
26 ** Gascrankinstation Sport
** Gone With The Wind Sport
I'm the Boss Sport
My Feet Are My Friends Sport
* Scrodinger Sport
Secret Covenant of Marriage Sport
** Suicide by Hallucination Sport
The Haptic Channels Sport
Tocodiscos Sport
V6 Its Love Boulder
27 Chocolate Coated Razor Blades Sport
V7 ** Gripper Boulder
** Rocket Pants Boulder
*** The Phoenix Boulder
28 * Houdini Sport
Put Your Dukes Up Sport
* The Treadmill Sport
29 ** Dance of Silence Sport
* Moment of Greed Sport
** Pumpkin Sport