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Table of contents

1. Run & Jump Slab Area (Map 9) 63 routes in Area

All Boulder
Access Issues: inherited from Castle Hill Basin

Some areas are part of Kura Tawhiti Conservation Reserve and managed by the DOC, others are private property.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 ** Shaman V8Boulder
2 * Knee Banger V7Boulder
3 *** Run and Jump Slab V0Boulder Nick Cormack 6 years ago

must have been 10th shot, my sneakers kept sliding right up the top and I just ran on the spot li...

JJ 8 years ago

Fun. But for extra points, no hands!!

4 * Side Attraction V4Boulder Al Riedel 7 years ago

one hard start move then easy slab

JJ 8 years ago

Shoulder cruncher, ouch.

5 Jump for joy V5Boulder
6 * Jump'n'Slap V7Boulder
7 * Restoration V10Boulder
8 *** Spent V6Boulder
9 * No.31 V0Boulder
10 * Flapper V2Boulder
11 * Pigs on the Wing V5Boulder
12 * Pigs on the Wing (SS) V6Boulder
13 * Misty Frequency V4Boulder
14 * Misty Frequency (SS) V9Boulder
15 * No.35 V4Boulder
16 ** Fade Away V10Boulder
17 * Peer Pressure V6Boulder
18 No.38 V2Boulder
19 The Remedy V6Boulder
20 No.40 V0Boulder
21 * Mental Mantle V7Boulder
22 * Nullification V9Boulder
23 Break Beats V6Boulder
24 Inositol V8Boulder
25 ** No.45 V3Boulder
26 No.46 V0Boulder
27 * Misfit V6Boulder
28 * No.48

Obvious easy-looking arete on stand alone block.

V2Boulder Nick Clow 4 years ago

tricky arete

Dan Lukis 6 years ago

Small sidepull to strange mantle... good fun

29 ** Learning Curve V5Boulder Al Riedel 6 years ago

hard to step out of hole, good friction though

Josh Caple 9 years ago

2nd shot

30 * Smiley Face V3Boulder Dan Lukis 6 years ago

Very thin, the dyno option is fun if you can get it

JJ 8 years ago

Balancy start.

31 ** Vlad the Impaler (SS) V6Boulder Daniel da Silva 5 years ago


32 ** Vlad the Impaler V2Boulder JJ 8 years ago

Big chuck. Sit start nails 'ard.

terry tynan 9 years ago

choice bro' eh

33 Hoger Vanster V6Boulder
34 * Placebo V8Boulder
35 Biopsy V6Boulder
36 * Lock and Load V2Boulder Josh Caple 9 years ago

use rohans beta on this one and 'start with your feet on the rock'- freakin hilarious!!

37 * Raw Terror V7Boulder Daniel da Silva 5 years ago

sick sick

38 ** Fatwa V7Boulder
39 Colt V3Boulder
40 * Trojan V8Boulder
41 No.60 V1Boulder JJ 8 years ago

Bit Chimney-ish

42 No.61 V0Boulder
43 Sunday School V5Boulder
44 No.63 V4Boulder
45 No.64 V1Boulder
46 * No.65 V4Boulder
47 No.66 V4Boulder
48 Big Bubba theBuddha V6Boulder
49 No.68 V4Boulder
50 No.69 V0Boulder
51 ** Small Balls V6Boulder
52 * No.72 V1Boulder JJ 8 years ago


53 * No.73 V2Boulder JJ 8 years ago

In bare feet.

54 * Big Balls V5Boulder JJ 8 years ago

Scoopy doo. Go the Central Coast crab.

55 * Push Me Pull Me V6Boulder
56 No.76 V2Boulder
57 No.77 V3Boulder JJ 8 years ago

Bare feet.

58 *** Fingers of Fury V7Boulder
59 * Simultanous Equation V6Boulder
60 ** Fire Fingers V7Boulder
61 *** Odyssey V7Boulder
62 * Jandal V5Boulder Rob Knight 6 years ago

awesome problem - shame about the dirty pocket

Al Riedel 6 years ago

powerful moves from ground, pitty about grass in one hold, lose top scary finish

63 * Thong V3Boulder

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style
V0 * No.31 Boulder
No.40 Boulder
No.46 Boulder
No.61 Boulder
No.69 Boulder
*** Run and Jump Slab Boulder
V1 No.60 Boulder
No.64 Boulder
* No.72 Boulder
V2 * Flapper Boulder
* Lock and Load Boulder
No.38 Boulder
* No.48 Boulder
* No.73 Boulder
No.76 Boulder
** Vlad the Impaler Boulder
V3 Colt Boulder
** No.45 Boulder
No.77 Boulder
* Smiley Face Boulder
* Thong Boulder
V4 * Misty Frequency Boulder
* No.35 Boulder
No.63 Boulder
* No.65 Boulder
No.66 Boulder
No.68 Boulder
* Side Attraction Boulder
V5 * Big Balls Boulder
* Jandal Boulder
Jump for joy Boulder
** Learning Curve Boulder
* Pigs on the Wing Boulder
Sunday School Boulder
V6 Big Bubba theBuddha Boulder
Biopsy Boulder
Break Beats Boulder
Hoger Vanster Boulder
* Misfit Boulder
* Peer Pressure Boulder
* Pigs on the Wing (SS) Boulder
* Push Me Pull Me Boulder
* Simultanous Equation Boulder
** Small Balls Boulder
*** Spent Boulder
The Remedy Boulder
** Vlad the Impaler (SS) Boulder
V7 ** Fatwa Boulder
*** Fingers of Fury Boulder
** Fire Fingers Boulder
* Jump'n'Slap Boulder
* Knee Banger Boulder
* Mental Mantle Boulder
*** Odyssey Boulder
* Raw Terror Boulder
V8 Inositol Boulder
* Placebo Boulder
** Shaman Boulder
* Trojan Boulder
V9 * Misty Frequency (SS) Boulder
* Nullification Boulder
V10 ** Fade Away Boulder
* Restoration Boulder