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Rank Climber Ascents
1 Kane Hartill 301ascents
2 Simon 238ascents
3 Vanessa Wills 230ascents
4 Al Riedel 229ascents
5 @zoracathy 210ascents
6 John Davis 201ascents
7 Ronan Grew 167ascents
8 Daniel da Silva 156ascents
9 Xavier Wilson 154ascents
10 Seth 147ascents
11 Alister Robertson 141ascents
12 Craig Baker 133ascents
13 Mike Dixon 127ascents
14 kenny 123ascents
15 JJ 121ascents
15 Andrew Powell 121ascents
17 Peter Webster 117ascents
18 Sebastian Sakowicz 101ascents
19 Nick Clow 100ascents
20 steve nicholson 95ascents
20 warrick matheson 95ascents
22 Phil & Tom 94ascents
23 Jess Wallace 93ascents
24 sharon tsetong 92ascents
25 Grigota Monasterio 90ascents

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