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Rank Climber Karma
1 Anthony Cuskelly 921points
2 Simon 654points
3 rick phillips 562points
4 Vanessa Wills 217points
5 David O'Donnell 158points
6 topher 102points
7 Klaas Hartmann 87points
8 Kyle Smedick 86points
9 @zoracathy 78points
9 Andrew Powell 78points
11 Tim Lewis 74points
12 Kane Hartill 63points
13 Alanna 60points
14 warrick matheson 57points
14 Chris Brent 57points
16 Adam Boyd 54points
17 John Davis 52points
17 52points
19 Mark Walter 48points
19 Phil Wilkes 48points
21 @gch412001 42points
22 Robert Powell 41points
22 Chad Harrison 41points
24 Stephen Bartlett 40points
25 Anthony 36points

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