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In Jul 2014 theCrag community made 19,590 updates and and added 377 new members.

Rank Climber Karma
1 Simon 16points
2 topher 1point
2 Niekolaas 1point
2 warrick matheson 1point
2 Rob Knight 1point
2 claire grubb 1point
2 Lauren Haasnoot 1point
2 John Lattanzio 1point
2 1point
2 Dubravka Sakowicz 1point
2 Tim Haasnoot 1point
2 David O'Donnell 1point
2 Vanessa Wills 1point
2 Jason Smith 1point
2 Ivan Luketina 1point
2 matt earsman 1point
2 Craig Ingram 1point
2 Andrew Scott 1point
2 Al Riedel 1point
2 Nick Cormack 1point
2 Sebastian Sakowicz 1point
2 Phil Wilkes 1point
2 Benjamin Carter 1point

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