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Rank Climber Karma
1 Zachary Brierley 2,949points
2 Paul Badenoch 778points
3 Jess Dobson 449points
4 Jess Wallace 230points
5 James Colwill 164points
6 marlon hepi 98points
7 Todd Free 79points
8 Brendan Heywood 70points
9 kenny 64points
10 attila gyetvai 63points
11 Dan 50points
12 Mike Leslie 48points
13 paul henson 47points
14 Simon 40points
15 Phil Thompson 23points
16 Owen Lee 17points
17 Mark Wood 11points
18 Xavier Wilson 7points
18 Phil & Tom 7points
18 steve nicholson 7points
21 Graeme Hill 6points
22 duanne white 4points
22 Chad Harrison 4points
22 Mike Christiansen 4points
25 @hb 3points

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