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Showing all 54 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
The Buttress
21 If Not Now Sport
13 Behind The Wall Sport
The Gully
18 All The Right Noises Sport
The Superbowl (The Cave)
20 Infinity Times Two

FA: Perry Logan

22 Keep Those Hands Moving

FA: Tony Burnell

19 Light Duties Sport
17 Gone Postal Sport
24 Traverse Of The Yobs

FA: Tony Burnell

26 Super Glue

Start at the very left side of the cave and at the 4th bolt head straight up on the glued crimps, finishing at the lip of the cave.

FA: Tony Ward-Holmes, 1998

27 Super Glue Direct Finish

FA: Tony Burnell

28 She Devil

Start as for Super Glue but continue traversing right and finish up Gorilla Grip. Awesome endurance climb.

FA: Richard Kimberley

27 Rubble Sport
32 Centrifuge

The horizontal line which traverses almost half of The Cave. Start as for She Devil, pass Gorilla Grip and continue along the seam which leads to Bogus Machismo. A mediocre rest after the long traverse provides some recovery for the weird and very wide crux.

FA: Ivan Vostinar, 2003

27 Gorilla Grip

Cave classic and always climbed on. Most people's first climb here. Start up the short slab and continue straight up to the chains over the lip of the cave. Most people jump off the top instead of clipping the chains to avoid destroying their rope.

FA: Matt Evrard, 1993

30 Troglodyte

Seven boulder problems between jugs.

FA: Ivan Vostinar

34 Hydroplaning

Start up Troglodyte and finish up the chains of Bogus. New Zealand's first 34.

FA: Mark Pugh-Williams, 2014

33 Kaz's Project

New Zealand's first 33! Start in the corner and, once up a bit, drift left via a very long section of consistently very hard moves to the lip of The Cave.

FA: Derek Thatcher, 2007

26 Hung Like Elvis

Start up the line of bolts to the right of Kaz's, climb up to a dyno and then traverse into the pigeon pod on Ride of the Valkyries. Extension into the top of Bogus is "Snake Charmer (29)"

FA: John McCallum, 1994

32 Ride of the Valkeries

Line to the left of Bogus. V10 boulder to the pigeon pod leads into the top of Bogus Machismo.

29 Bogus Machismo

Great flowing moves make this New Zealand's endurance testpiece! Starts in the central, deepest part of the cave. Climb straight up the veer left at 4th bolt. The draining start gives way to big holds. Two cruxes are placed conveniently at the very end for when you are completely pumped.

FA: Peter Taw, 1994

31 Kaiser Soze

Start up Bogus but go right at the 4th bolt into the no hands rest. From here continue up and right to the lip of the cave. Was originally climbed by Alex Palman with glued holds at 29, and recently broke to become harder again.

FA: Ivan Vostinar, 2004

32 The Enigma of Kasper Hauser

Hard boulder problem to start into rest hole, and continue up into an inverted crux!

FA: Derek Thatcher, 2004

31 Space Boy (original)

Classic. Line directly to the left of Dracula, climb up the vague arete and then straight up.

FA: Matt Evrard, 1994

32 Space Boy (extended)

Climb space boy but continue up through another crux to the lip of the cave.

FA: Kaz Pucia, 1995

30 Dracula

Classic power endurance line, direct start to Nosferatu. Was originally 32 but has gone down due to hold breakage and poor re-gluing.

FA: Kaz Pucia, 2003

31 Nosferatu

Start up line to the right of Dracula. Climb hard boulder problem to link into and finish up Dracula.

FA: Ivan Vostinar, 2002

26 Urge

Unsafe to climb at the moment as a huge block is loose above the start.

FA: Brian Alder, 1993

28 Let There Be Bolts

Cave classic. Interesting, sustained moves that slowly get harder as you go.

FA: Peter Taw, 1993

28 War Hog

Start up Bolts and move up and right finishing between Bolts and Attack Mode.

Sport 16m
29 Attack Mode

Cool start into a small rest, and then sustained climbing into a hard move through the roof.

FA: Peter Taw, 1993

24 Straight, No Chaser

Start up Attack Mode but continue straight up.

FA: Tony Ward-Holmes, 1998

26 Ice-Man

Start up Attack mode but move right and through the roof.

FA: Alex Palman, 1998

22 Easy-Peasy Sport
20 Barnett Fair Sport
23 Feeding Frenzy Sport
19 Tequila Layback Sport
Leech Wall
16 Blind Mullet Sport
19 Red Snapper Sport
20 Kilnsey Sport
25 Staunch Like Elvis Sport
26 Ripped Like Elvis Sport
23 Jumping And Squeaking Sport
23 Sayonara Sport
21 Much Ado About Nothing Sport
22 Petrol Head Sport
25 Bulge-let Sport
24 High And Dry Sport
23 Corner Crimes Sport
22 Drop Zone Sport
The Cave
28 She Devil Sport 8
28 Let There Be Bolts

Sustained, funky, bouldery moves on the right hand side of the cave. Starts on a large bulge about 5m left of the waterfall. Equipped with permadraws and a lower-off.

FA: Peter Taw, 1993

Sport 13m, 6
26 Shrubble

The "warm-up", begins on the extreme left side of the cave

Sport 12m, 7
27 Gorilla Grip

FA: Matt Evrard, 1993

Sport 15m, 7
17 Gone Postal

Start to the top left of gorilla grip / she devil Traverse right then follow the bolts up to a double ring belay station.

Set by Richard Kimberly

Sport 12m, 6

Showing all 54 routes.