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Showing all 28 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Shimmering Jelly Wall
14 Gambling Trad
19 Road Kill Trad
19 Chip Off The Old Block Trad
15 Reserves Need Gondolas Trad 10m
13 Mouse Trap Trad
17 Sacred Plummets Trad
17 Cold Turkey Trad
12 Gift Horse Trad 16m
13 Fowl Play Trad
16 Bagatelle Trad 12m
16 Dressed To Kill Trad
17 Roadside Attraction

This fetching shallow crack makes for absorbing climbing and the fiddly pro keeps you on your toes.

19 Nocuous Mixed 12m, 2
21 In Tatters Mixed 1
10 After The Deluge Trad
Merlin Wall
15 Please procrastinate

Corner between please stop and please go.

Trad 13m
14 A sharp crack

Crack left of 'A dull Thump'

Trad 13m
Colour Wall
17 Red Trad
16 White Trad
16 Blue Trad
15 Orange Trad
Footwear Wall
12 High Heels Mixed 8m, 4
17 Looking Back Mixed 8m, 3
Surgical Strike Wall
20 Whammo Mixed 2
23 Passage To India

Crimp your way up the face before moving over the bulge. Make sure your belayer is alert before moving up to clip the 3rd bolt. To protect the top and reduce the chance of a ground fall, you could take some small nuts to protect the final moves of climb.

Mixed 13m, 3
20 Satanic Verses Mixed 15m, 5
Left of Surgical Strike Wall
16 Weapon Of Mass Destruction

FA: Lindsay Main, 2003

20 Eleven Forty Trad

Showing all 28 routes.