Topo #2258

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Route Grade Popularity Style
1 Slippery Customer
WI2 Ice 25m Unlink route
2 2

A variation of Slippery Customer

WI3 Ice 30m Unlink route
3 3

A variation of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

WI2+ Ice 65m Unlink route
4 Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
WI3 Ice 60m Unlink route
5 The Prow

Bolted belay on rock part way up to the right of the route

WI5 Ice 65m Unlink route
6 Trigger Finger

Use the same bolts as The Prow

WI4 Ice 70m Unlink route
7 Quite Bent
WI5 Ice 55m Unlink route
8 Why not?
WI5 Ice 50m Unlink route
9 Why
WI5 Ice 50m Unlink route
10 Fear of Flying

Pitch one starts on the left hand side of the ice at the far right. Pitch two continues on the _right_ hand side of the ice above the easy terrain. (TIC and FoF swap sides for pitch two).

WI5 Ice 110m Unlink route
11 The Iron Curtain

Pitch one starts to the right of FoF. Pitch two starts after the easy terrain, on the _left_ side of the ice (TIC and FoF swap sides for pitch two)

WI4+ Ice 110m Unlink route

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