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Grade Route Style Popularity
South Island Golden Bay Paynes Ford North End
10 Thelma Sport
10 Louise Sport
22 Big Sharks At Night Sport
25 Gangrene Sport
18 * Terror, Illness and Rebellion Sport
14 Zen Navigation Sport
19 Herbal Infusion Sport
20 * Checkmate Sport
23 ** The Darling Buds Of May Sport
South Island Golden Bay Paynes Ford Creese Wall/Rawhide Roof
16 Blobbet

The line of bolts heading up from the far left hand end of the walking track. Deceptive.

17 * Good Bye Cream-Poofters

Just to the right of 'Blobbet'. High first bolt with an easy but committing move to reach it.

16 Re-election Blues

In the scoop to the right of the previous two routes. Try and avoid getting lured onto the harder route here (details not known). Starts up the scoop before heading left?

14 Golden Years

Shares a start with 'Re-election Blues', but continue up the scoop to chain.

FA: unknown

14 * Midwife Crisis

On a short wall next to 'Calling All Hobbits'. Follow the swarm of bolts to the top, but check the condition of the mallion before committing to lower off it. Consider abseiling.

Sport 6
12 Calling All Hobbits

1 bolt up the right arete to chain.

Sport 1
18 * Elvis Lives In Takaka Sport
19 Blockbuster Sport
19 Bite My Chunk Sport
20 * The Fearless Vampire Killers

Identifiable by the stake hanging next to the first bolt, to the left of the obvious roof ('Rawhide'). Up and over the small roof, there's an optional thread as well.

Sport 3
15 Gorgonzola Goes

Start just right of 'The Fearless Vampire Killers' and follow the bolts to the top of the cliff. Optional threads.

Sport 5
15 Cheddarmaster's

Shares a start with 'Gorgonzola Goes', but heads a bit further right.

19 Hula Yula Sport
24 * Spotty Brit Sport
20 * Tongue In Groove Sport
22 * Sweet Dreams Sport
18 Wasp Factor Sport
18 Hunting Tartan Unknown 25m
21 * Something Precious Sport
V4 Easiest Out

Climb the easiest way to the lip of the cave from the big chalked ledge at the back.

22 *** Rawhide

Stick-clip the hanger out on the lip. Once you reach this, head up and over the pyramid of rock (2FH). There are 2 more FH on the final slab before the chains. Rope drag when lowering is pretty bad: consider abseiling.

Sport 5
23 * Rumplestiltskin Sport
24 * Golden Bay Connection Sport 16m
21 Serac Attack Sport
22 * Woop, Woop Pull Up Sport
21 * Last Call For Flight 911 Sport
22 Bob and Betty go Mating Sport
South Island Golden Bay Paynes Ford Rata Wall
18 * Humpty Dumpty Sport 3
21 * All The Kings Horses

2nd pitch to Humpty Dumpty, can be done as 1 pitch.

Sport 5
South Island Golden Bay Paynes Ford The Rat Trap Wall
21 Tales By Firelight Sport
20 ** Rat up a Drainpipe Sport
21 ** Bilbos Great Adventure Sport
21 No Rest For The Wicked Sport
23 The Immaculate Deception Sport
South Island Golden Bay Paynes Ford Stone Symposium Wall
22 Jericho Sport
18 *** Temples Of Stone Sport
21 * Jimmy... Sport
20 Space Invader Sport 28m
21 *** R for Ranger, D for Danger Sport
21 * Stone Symposium Sport
18 * Stroking The Tiger Sport
18 Wazzo Jugs Sport
18 * Autumn Leaf Sport 18m
19 ** Sacred Forest Sport
16 Clutter and Vine Sport
15 Rata Tui Sport
20 Bang Your Head Sport
South Island Golden Bay Paynes Ford The Tenuite Wall
21 Fluffy Duck

Far left route

Sport 3
20 ** Hi I'm Doctor Terrific

On upper Tenuite.

21 * Headplant

On upper Tenuite.

20 Walk the line

On upper Tenuite. Takes the yellow streak close to, but independent of Loose Unit.

FFA: 2006

FA: Simon Middlemass, 2006

Sport 4
20 * Loose Unit

On upper Tenuite. Mostly on big holds, the hard part might be finding them. The bolt line 3m left of 'Go With the Flow'.

22 *** Go With the Flow

On upper Tenuite. Start below the obvious tufa/flowstone formations, and follow the bolts up.

Sport 5
19 Fat Cats

On upper Tenuite.

16 A Shout Towards Noon

On upper Tenuite. Anchor the belayer to the two low FH at the right end of the wall, then head up past the bolts slightly right of this.

16 Badgers Mount

On upper Tenuite. Access by climbing the first bolt of 'A Shout Towards Noon' then heading across the next ledge.

19 Bent Badgers

On upper Tenuite. Access by climbing the first bolt of 'A Shout Towards Noon' then heading across the next ledge.

22 Lapsed Catholics

Just around the corner from 'Romancing The Stone' and 'Grey Warbler'.

15 Romancing The Stone

High first bolt, then up to chains. 3m left of 'Grey Warbler'.

Sport 3
14 Grey Warbler

The obvious slab with two bolts, just left of a wide diagonal crack/groove.

Sport 2
South Island Golden Bay Paynes Ford Pantechicon Wall
27 Pousse Ton Froc Sport
22 * Happy Motoring Sport
23 Electric Sunroof Sport
South Island Golden Bay Paynes Ford Carnage Wall
18 Carnage at the Crossroads Sport
27 * There Is No Spoon Sport
25 *** Skiing Off A Convex Slope Sport
25 *** Responsible Lunges Sport
13 * State Of Mind Sport
16 State Of Mind Direct Sport
13 * Tunnels And Quarrying Act 1971 Sport
South Island Golden Bay Paynes Ford Slave Wall
22 * Primal Scream Sport
20 Three Poms And A Swedish Farafetta Sport
20 Daves Belay Slave Gets Bored Direct start

direct start has its own bolt..crank on upwards!

Unknown 12m
18 * Dave's Belay Slave Gets Bored Sport
17 Bondage for Beginners Sport
South Island Golden Bay Paynes Ford Globe Wall
14 Dread Fever Sport
20 Super Blonde Sport
18 Feisty Red Sport
22 ** Burly but Sensitive Sport
23 * Red-Lining To The Max Sport
21 * The Voice of the Beehive Sport
19 Effervescing Elephants Sport
27 * Sweetest William Sport
23 *** High Voltage Sport
23 * Master Of Puppets Sport
21 Six-Foot Thruster Sport
24 *** Dave's Arete Sport
26 * Amino-Max Sport
28 *** Dancing On A Skewer Sport
24 ** Amino-Pro Sport
20 Recidivist Sport

Showing 1 - 100 out of more than 1,000 routes