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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Tasman, Nelson & Marlborough Golden Bay Pohara Cathedral Rock
15 Dirty Old Men

FA: Simon Middlemass, 1998

Mixed 6
14 Joe Dirt

Ends on last two bolts of Dirty Old Men.

FA: Torquil Bennett & Dan Kojetin, 2003

Mixed 2
17 Gecko Crack

FA: Tony Clearwater, 1995

Mixed 4
Tasman, Nelson & Marlborough Golden Bay Pohara Sea Grass Wall
15 Am I Pleased to See You or Have I Got a Pick Axe in My Rack?

FA: P Bear, 2000

Mixed 2

Crack to the right of "Some Like it Hot".

FA: Brian Tuffnell

Tasman, Nelson & Marlborough Rarangi Rarangi Crag
13 Route 6

A trad route runs up the main crack line, you will need to build an anchor off boulders or trees.

Trad 13m
14 Route 9

This can be found hidden in the trees directly opposite Rarangi wall. Climb the obvious line up and around the semi detached Blocks. Lower of the tree at the top or walk off. Not a highly rated route.

Set by Matthew Sheat

FFA: Matthew Sheat

Tasman, Nelson & Marlborough Rarangi Monkey Bay Crag
15 Route 10

Start in corner crack then head left over chossy ground to the top.

Set by Matt Sheat

FFA: Matt Sheat

Trad 15m
15 Route 11

Start as of route 10 in corner crack, but continue straight up the crack to the top.

Trad 15m
Canterbury Castle Hill Basin Quantum Field
16 Offwidth Problem

Classic Solo up the off width that turns into a tight chimney at half height

Trad 15m
Canterbury Banks Peninsula Mt Bradley Yo-Yo Wall
17 Quickstep Trad 13m
13 Nymph Trad 15m
15 Tribunal Trad 15m
16 Chinese Midwife Trad 15m
18 Bikini Trad 15m
18 Pigs On The Wing Trad 18m
21 Yo-Yo Trad 17m
15 Blue Suede Shoes Trad 15m
14 Unicorn Trad 8m
Canterbury Banks Peninsula Mt Bradley Taniwha Wall
16 Taniwha Trad 15m
22 Sluds Trad 10m
21 Prodigal Crack Trad 10m
22 Blue Madonna Trad 10m
22 Worth The Walk Trad 10m
23 Science Friction Trad 10m
20 Cybernetic Rage Trad 12m
21 Robert Gordon Trad 12m
Canterbury Banks Peninsula Mt Bradley The Main Cliff
17 Velcro Heart Trad 20m
22 Slipstream Trad 22m
22 Craig's Wall Trad 12m
14 Straight and Narrow Trad 15m
15 Dead End Trad 15m
15 Garlic Trad 10m
22 Unlimited Edition Mixed 14m, 1
10 Easy Chimney Trad 15m
19 Maggie Mixed 15m, 1
22 Iron Man Direct Finish Mixed 14m, 1
20 Iron Man Trad 15m
18 Set Up Trad 15m
21 La Folie Mixed 15m, 1
21 Spring of Discontent Trad 15m
14 Scratchy Crack Trad 18m
17 Crime of the Century Trad 35m
22 Prospero Mixed 35m, 1
17 Son of Hangman Trad 35m
21 The Grey Ghost Trad 35m
26 Thorn Mother Mixed 35m, 4
22 White Wizard Trad 35m
23 Thin White Duke Trad 35m
21 Jubilee Trad 35m
19 Cripple Crack Trad 35m
20 Staccato Trad 33m
19 Silver Lining Trad 30m
19 Spring Fever Trad 30m
18 Fear of Frying Trad 30m
21 Pop Goes the Weasel Trad 25m
20 Floozie in the Jaccuzi Trad 20m
16 Bride in the Bath Trad 18m
16 Fillet of Calf Trad 15m
10 Aegrotat Trad
Canterbury Banks Peninsula Mt Bradley The Castle
21 Thermoclime Trad
21 Degrees and Rising Unsteadily Trad
15 The Boston Strangler Trad 15m
14 Satyr Trad 15m
16 Guillotine


Trad 22m
18 Henry Crippen

Suffered earthquake damage

Trad 16m
17 Son of Sam Trad 20m
14 Jack the Ripper Trad 20m
Canterbury Banks Peninsula Mt Bradley Right Cliff
17 Endive Trad
14 M.C.P. Trad 10m
13 Earth Mother Trad 10m
14 Lesser Beast Trad 10m
15 Turkish Bath Trad
15 Golden Gate Trad 25m
16 Genesis

GONE. Fell apart in earthquake.

Trad 20m
16 Ecclesiastes Trad 25m
16 Hot Doggers Trad 25m
16 Corinthians Trad 25m
14 Deuteronomy Trad 25m
21 One Handed Poker Trad 15m
19 Lamentations Trad 15m
14 Exodus Trad 25m
17 Apocalypse Trad 22m
17 Solomon Trad 22m
16 Zaccharius

Beware of loose blocks up top.

Trad 18m
16 Titus Trad 13m
14 Thessalonians Trad 13m
21 Millenium Dome Mixed 4
24 Gravity Plus Mixed 5
21 Soft Option Mixed 4
18 The Steep Trad
Canterbury Banks Peninsula Mt Bradley The Upper Tier
14 Nemesis Trad 15m
19 Pandemonium Trad 22m
16 Wild Oats Trad 10m
17 Towering Inferno Trad 10m
18 The Sting Trad 10m
15 Identity Crisis Trad 6m
16 Deceptive Bends Trad 6m
Canterbury Banks Peninsula Fantasy Factory
17 Nurdle

On the upper part of the cliff at the left-hand side are three short climbs that all feature very loose blocks, and have little to recommend them...

Climb up the wall for 5m, or start in a loose corner to the right and reach across left to place gear; then move across, taking care to avoid pulling the wobbly blocks off. Step up and jam in the corner. Avoid the blocks at the top by moving left, and anchor at a boulder about five metres back.

Trad 15m
15 Double Vision

The twin cracks in a corner. Up an easy corner to the bulge (crux) and loose blocks, then up the cracks.

Trad 15m

Showing 1 - 100 out of 731 routes.