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Approx. 20-25m cliff within the Somoto National Park. Currently top roping only unless you would like to bring pro... I saw a couple old pitons on the route.

There is a giant boulder at the top of the cliff to set up a top-rope. access the top by going through a gate in a barbed wire fence to the right of the cliff. It is a farmers cattle fence, he is cool with climbers, just make sure you leave the fence/gate the way you found it. The boulder to set up your system is set back a good 25 feet from the edge, so you will need something long enough to get the master point over the edge.


Namancambre tours can explain how to get the to spot, draw a map, or write taxi instructions in spanish for you. They also rent gear if you need.

Take a taxi from Somoto to the middle park entrance, there is no guard or fee to pay at this location. Walk down the dirt road until you get to a fork in the road - approx. 1 mile/ 2km. at the fork there is a gate to the field on the right do through that gate and follow the path all the way into the canyon. Once you reach the riverside, continue on for another 100-200m until you reach the cliff.

It involves a good 25 minutes hike up a dirt road, then crossing through a grassy field, and finally entering the canyon down an easy rocky escarpment.