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Rank Climber Ascents
1 J Hart 959ascents
2 Kole 879ascents
3 770ascents
4 Sick Tom 760ascents
5 Ascender 722ascents
6 Ron Edwards 710ascents
7 Ben Browand 623ascents
8 Jeff Mekolites 602ascents
9 James Hardy 550ascents
10 Brandon Workman 540ascents
11 ben reardon 525ascents
12 Stephen C. Yabut 506ascents
13 Mary A. Woods 501ascents
14 Jonathan Horst 499ascents
15 Jeremy Kupferman 498ascents
16 Alberto Sanchez 481ascents
17 @rockrat512 469ascents
18 Jeff Lea 461ascents
19 Hillary Davis 438ascents
20 Grand Chung 433ascents
21 Michael Flynn 428ascents
22 Steve Marr 425ascents
23 Felix Parham 403ascents
24 William Carey 395ascents
25 Dave 392ascents

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Note: some accounts may not be shown because they are private.