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Grade Route Style Popularity
Trollfossen and Susses Veil
? Trollfossen

"Do NOT climb this waterfall. It is an overflow/release fall for the power plants in the area and can dump tons of water with no warning at any time. Any climbers on he route will die when/if this happens"

FA: "Has been done twice by people who knew better"

WI2 ** Suesses Veil Ice
Deuterium and Bridge Area
WI2 Deuterium

Thin at the top, but easy

FA: Jan Stenstrom, Tobias Skog, 1993

WI4 Sir Psycho Ice
WI4 * Host Ice 50m
WI3 * Hark

Waterfall to the road

FA: Jo Wang, 1993

WI4 *** Vemorkbrufoss Ost

Steep waterfall to left of Vemork bridge

FA: Jon Haukassveen, Knut Luraas, 1990

WI5 *** Vemorkbrufoss Vest

Waterfall on right of Vemork bridge

FA: Rune Trap Meyer, 1980

WI4 Kokosnotten

Very rarely forms

FA: Scott Miller, Mike Almlert, Jan Stenstrom, 1996

Morsom Start and Tungtvann Area
WI4 Morsom Start Ice
WI4 *** Tungtvann Ice
WI4 Shit Happens Again Ice
WI4 Shit Happens Ice

Showing all 13 routes