Topo #1981

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Area Type
? El Gorrito

Sector "A" as marked on the overhead view of the entire crag

Sector Unlink area
? Erotico

This sector is climbable all day

Sector Unlink area
? La Tapia
Sector Unlink area
? La Placa Verde

Nice sector with some great beginner routes.

Sector Unlink area
? Las Pequenas
Sector Unlink area
? El Loco Roso
Sector Unlink area
? La Heladeria
Sector Unlink area
? El Bloque
Sector Unlink area
? Los Sietes
Sector Unlink area
? Picaflor
Sector Unlink area
? La Fisura
Sector Unlink area
? La Cueva
Sector Unlink area
? El Pinche
Sector Unlink area
? Nuevo
Sector Unlink area
? Los Espanoles
Sector Unlink area
? Fideo Brichero
Sector Unlink area
? Paredes Grandes
Sector Unlink area
? La Panza Roja
Sector Unlink area
? La Muralla

A wall with prominent central splitter crack

Sector Unlink area
? Tirol de Sur

Starting left and running anticlockwise

Sector Unlink area
? Rasta Quechua
Sector Unlink area

Topo #1998

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Route Grade Popularity Style
1 *** Sanchez no te Enganches

This climb is located at the top of this sector. It is a great fun climb with over hung start, travers, face climbing, great feature at top and super end.

6a Sport 19m, 9 Unlink route
2 * Suspiro Limeño
6c Sport 12m Unlink route
3 Uno Para Todos
7b Sport 12m Unlink route
4 ** Ayahuaca vision

This is the first set of bolts to the left on the main wall to the right. Great beginner climb with lots of feet and hand holds, it is well bolted for training lead climbing. There are so many foot holds that if you move your feet more than 30cm you are doing something wrong :)

4 Sport 20m, 9 Unlink route
5 * San Pedro trip

Starts to the right of Ayahuaca vision, has a really high first bolt due to first two being removed. As with Ayahuaca vision there are many holds and it is a great climb for beginners and to practice your foot work If the 12 meters to the first bolt is a bit much, you can take up 2 slings and sling the bollards. Note that bolt count does not account for the slings

4 Sport 20m, 7 Unlink route
6 * Chuchuwasi Power

Down to the left of the bolder leaning against the wall, this climb is the left of the two. As with the theme of this wall there are lots of foot and hand holds making it an ideal spot for beginners and intermediate climbers to practice their technique.

5 Sport 27m, 9 Unlink route
7 ** Touching the Bols

First route to the left of the bolder leaning against the wall. Nice long sustained route. There are anchors at about meter 18, however you can just climb through to the top.

5 Sport 29m, 12 Unlink route
8 ** Recto Corrupto
6b Sport 26m Unlink route
9 ** Chueco Corrupto
6a Sport 26m Unlink route
10 ** Estoy estoy como estoy Stone

Nice long sustained route with a tricky start. Start to the left then move right under the first bolt, clip and then straight up.

5c Sport 26m, 12 Unlink route
11 ** Melissa
5+ Sport 27m Unlink route
12 ** Chucru Rani
6a+ Sport 18m Unlink route
13 ** La Novena Revelacion
6c Sport 22m Unlink route
14 ** Brichelito
6c Sport 25m Unlink route
15 Tyahoid
6b+ Sport 27m Unlink route
16 * Mi Cocodrilito
6a+ Sport 15m Unlink route
17 ** Chusqui Manco
6a+ Sport 18m Unlink route
18 * avanta morocho
6c Sport 18m Unlink route
19 * Almibar Peach
6a+ Sport 18m Unlink route

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