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Rank Climber Karma
1 Adam Pullen 6,713points
2 Vanessa Wills 1,507points
3 Neil Monteith 236points
4 61points
5 Brendan Heywood 60points
6 Kelly 21points
6 Jenna 21points
8 Simone Bischofberger 13points
9 daniel regan 3points
10 Jorge Chamorro 2points
11 madde 1point
11 Brett Chenoweth 1point
11 Marcus 1point
11 Anton Photon 1point
11 Khalid Jaffar 1point
11 Steffen 1point
11 nathan 1point
11 andy 1point
11 Ian Brack 1point
11 luka 1point
11 shannon 1point
11 Lukasz 1point
11 tobar 1point
11 Jochen 1point
11 todd 1point

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