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Table of contents

1. Las Viñas 32 routes in Crag

Sport, Boulder and other styles

Long/Lat: -76.924627, -12.119278


Las Viñas (the vineyard) is one of the most classic climbing areas in Lima, it offers multiple options, from grade 4 routes to powerful ceilings, there are routes in both trad and sport, after Camacho it is the most accessible area that we have. At the bottom are boulders.


This crag is accessible by both car and public transport or.

Once at the foot of the hill we have several possibilities to climb the hill. The first and most common is to be the normal rise, shown in the photo as the version on the right. This route is slightly longer than the others but is softer. There are even steps in parts of the route. Another route is the most widely used edge, as in the photo appears as the variant of the left side. This road is a bit shorter but steeper, around one avoids the annoying dogs down there. You just have to go into the tank of water and take the ridge behind it. A point in favor of the way up is your best access to the walls, because there are going by the normal to cross a moraine can be dangerous and confusing days of heavy fog.

Once the walls only need "ratonear" to reach all our destinations.

Always beware of unstable stones and getting lost in foggy days.


Las Viñas was first climbed by a TECSUP climbers in those days was called "Skull tower" by the skull-shaped boulder that is down.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Esto ya no Parece Kansas 5.13 Unknown
2 Acrimina 5.12 Unknown
3 Sunat Unknown
4 Polola Unknown
5 Los Drakos Deben Estar Locos Unknown

1.1. Las placas 11 routes in Sector

Boulder, Sport and Top Rope

The sector "plates" some call it "The dep ortivas ". Routes "The fisherman trucas" and "The delight of the fourth degree "are on the other side of the hill parallel to the sector" Dihedral ", but are considered within the sector" plates "for his type of climbing.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Limonada sin limón IV Boulder
2 Cantinflas

It runs on the same board that "lemonade without lemon", only using the dam to the left of the plates

IV Boulder
3 Mont blanc V Boulder
4 Sunat

It is the exception to the rule in this sector, the only roof. It is also the only route to climb top rope. It produces a lot of friction of the rope.

FR:6c Top rope
5 Ampay me salvo FR:6b Sport
6 El último pegue de Morrison FR:6a+ Sport
7 Mil formas de despegar FR:6b Sport
8 El pescador de truchas FR:6a Sport
9 Habemus taladrum V Boulder
10 La delicia del cuarto grado IV Boulder
11 Virus V Boulder

1.2. LDDEL 5 routes in Sector

Sport and Boulder

This sector is clearly identified from the others by the dihedral "Drakes must be crazy "or" LDDEL ". All routes in this area are near t ntran in the same heap of stone which composes "LDDEL". Here we find both sport climbing routes as classical. Dihedral, plate, small roof, overhang, smearing, cracking.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Los dracos deben estar locos {FR} NCCS:V Boulder
2 Acrimina {FR} 6c Sport
3 Polola {FR} 6b Sport
4 Pichupichusa {FR} 6b Sport
5 Manuchau {FR} 6c+ Sport

1.3. Kansas 7 routes in Sector

Sport and Boulder

The sector of "Kansas" has routes medium and high. It is the only area with overhang.


Currently there is a path that is unfinished that is well above the level of "kansas". To reach it you have to go around a strip of rocks. Here you can find shade almost all day.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 El topsito 5.9 Sport
2 Kansas 5.11d Sport
3 Misisipi Sport
4 Devocion {FR} 6b Sport
5 Ruta que termina en la base de Kansas {FR} NCCS:V Boulder
6 Boulder 1

with two variants, to the right of Kansas

7 Travesia

boulder left Kansas


1.4. Atrás 4 routes in Sector

Trad and Sport

This is the least visited area of "Vines". Facing south, is located on the back of the nose "This no longer seems to Kansas" Routes that are here are classic climbing and of medium difficulty.


To reach this area is best left to encircle the beginning of the road to Kansas.


These walls were climbed for the first time by Henry Prochazca and Richard Hidalgo

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Aventuras no muy duras {FR} NCCS:V Trad
2 Turisolito {FR} NCCS:IV Trad
3 Falta quaker {FR} 6a+ Sport
4 Todo por un hueco {FR} NCCS:V Sport

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style Area
5.9 El topsito Sport 1.3. Kansas
6a El pescador de truchas Sport 1.1. Las placas
6a+ El último pegue de Morrison Sport 1.1. Las placas
Falta quaker Sport 1.4. Atrás
6b Ampay me salvo Sport 1.1. Las placas
Mil formas de despegar Sport 1.1. Las placas
Pichupichusa Sport 1.2. LDDEL
Polola Sport 1.2. LDDEL
Devocion Sport 1.3. Kansas
6c Sunat Top rope 1.1. Las placas
Acrimina Sport 1.2. LDDEL
6c+ Manuchau Sport 1.2. LDDEL
5.11d Kansas Sport 1.3. Kansas
5.12 Acrimina Unknown 1. Las Viñas
5.13 Esto ya no Parece Kansas Unknown 1. Las Viñas
? Los Drakos Deben Estar Locos Unknown 1. Las Viñas
Polola Unknown 1. Las Viñas
Sunat Unknown 1. Las Viñas
Boulder 1 Boulder 1.3. Kansas
Misisipi Sport 1.3. Kansas
Travesia Boulder 1.3. Kansas
IV Cantinflas Boulder 1.1. Las placas
La delicia del cuarto grado Boulder 1.1. Las placas
Limonada sin limón Boulder 1.1. Las placas
Turisolito Trad 1.4. Atrás
V Habemus taladrum Boulder 1.1. Las placas
Mont blanc Boulder 1.1. Las placas
Virus Boulder 1.1. Las placas
Los dracos deben estar locos Boulder 1.2. LDDEL
Ruta que termina en la base de Kansas Boulder 1.3. Kansas
Aventuras no muy duras Trad 1.4. Atrás
Todo por un hueco Sport 1.4. Atrás