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This crag is unlocated

If you know where this crag is the please take a minute to locate it for the climbing community. Please contact us if you have any issues.


Ruralised mini crag, 40min from Huaraz or 10min from Chanco. Tranquil setting with great views of the river. Popular with groups/guides from Huaraz.


8 routes, marked 1-8 left to right. #1 now slightly overgrown... Increasingly hard as they move right. Shady from about 11am onwards in Summer

Note that many climbs have fixed hangers as anchors. Suggest topping out where possible, check route descriptions before climbing.


Clearly visible from road heading towards Chanco, 1km back from hot springs, on opposite side of road to river... Your guide will get you there... About 30-40min from Huaraz

Alternatively you can take public transport: take a colectivo towards caraz and get off at Marcara, then take a second colectivo (this one will likely be just an overfilled car) towards Chancos and ask to be let off at the climbing area. Crag is opposite los pinos recreation area and clearly visible from the road

Where to stay

Anywhere in Huaraz... I believe there are a few rooms and the Small community at the hot springs, but this is well out of the way. Stay anywhere in Huaraz and just grab a guide from a reputable company or take public transport if you have your own gear and partner


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Grade Route

Route may no longer exist

Can top out

Can't top out, suggest the person cleaning climbs to Chocos 2 anchors and top out there

Can top out

Can't top out, suggest person cleaning climbs to Tillcus anchors and top out there

Has anchor chain

Has anchor chain

Can top out


Check out what is happening in Los piños- chancos.