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Table of contents

1. Adygea Rocks 53 routes in Crag

All Sport

Long/Lat: 40.125690, 44.185115

1.1. Lago-Naki 29 routes in Area


Long/Lat: 40.011170, 44.090806

1.1.1. Upper tier 7 routes in Sector

All Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 sleepwalker {FR} 6c Sport
2 Prostor i solnze… {FR} 6b Sport
3 Bagira {FR} 5a Sport
4 Durakam veset {FR} 6b Sport
5 Princess of the dark {FR} 7b Sport
6 Man of the wind FR:8a Sport
7 Begemot na potolke {FR} 7b Sport

1.1.2. Main massiv 18 routes in Sector

All Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Sumerechnyi angel FR:6c Sport
2 Ne chochu {FR} 7b Sport
3 I walk alone {FR} 7a Sport
4 Sama dobrota {FR} 6a Sport
5 Winterstorm {FR} 6c Sport
6 Pervye schagi {FR} 5a Sport
7 Blietzkrieg {FR} 6b Sport
8 Otkrytyi mir {FR} 5b Sport
9 Ovsyanka, miss! {FR} 6c Sport
10 Taschkent {FR} 6b Sport
11 Schachter {FR} 5c Sport
12 Pandodrom {FR} 7a Sport
13 Diversant {FR} 6c Sport
14 Bes somnenya!!! {FR} 6c Sport
15 Igra v biser {FR} 7a Sport
16 Gnus {FR} 6a Sport
17 Maybe… {FR} 6b Sport
18 Dolce Vita {FR} 5a Sport

1.1.3. Korona 4 routes in Sector

All Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Korona {FR} 6c Sport
2 Pamyati drusei {FR} 6c Sport
3 Chochu! {FR} 5a Sport
4 Mein Liebe Frau {FR} 6c Sport

1.2. Dachovskiy obval 4 routes in Crag


Long/Lat: 40.225569, 44.246672

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Stena Skeletov {FR} 6c Sport 13m, 8
2 Bes nasvania {FR} 7b Sport 13m, 10
3 Sploschnaya Zacepka {FR} 5b Sport 13m, 9
4 Maikopskie Nochi {FR} 5c Sport 13m, 9

1.3. Russia 20 routes in Crag

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Edinischka {FR} 5a Sport
2 Dvoika {FR} 5a Sport
3 Orion {FR} 5b Sport 8
4 Durnye Vesti {FR} 6a Sport 11
5 Gallardo {FR} 6b Sport 11
6 Utochka {FR} 6c Sport 7
7 Schachlyk {FR} 6a Sport 6
8 Pokemon {FR} 6b Sport 6
9 Alachai {FR} 6a Sport 9
10 Malachai {FR} 6b Sport 9
11 Zerkalo {FR} 6a Sport 11
12 Vinni-Puh {FR} 6c Sport 12
13 Schucher v ulike {FR} 6c Sport 12
14 Den Rojdenja {FR} 6c Sport 8
15 Natali-Bon-Pari {FR} 7a Sport 12
16 Clip-to-trip {FR} 7b Sport 13
17 Zelenaya Zmeya {FR} 7c Sport 9
18 Odinochestvo {FR} 7b Sport 8
19 Tanzy pod popsy {FR} 7b Sport 9
20 Poker {FR} 7a Sport 5

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style Area
5a Bagira Sport 1.1.1. Upper tier
Dolce Vita Sport 1.1.2. Main massiv
Pervye schagi Sport 1.1.2. Main massiv
Chochu! Sport 1.1.3. Korona
Dvoika Sport 1.3. Russia
Edinischka Sport 1.3. Russia
5b Otkrytyi mir Sport 1.1.2. Main massiv
Sploschnaya Zacepka Sport 13m, 9 1.2. Dachovskiy obval
Orion Sport 8 1.3. Russia
5c Schachter Sport 1.1.2. Main massiv
Maikopskie Nochi Sport 13m, 9 1.2. Dachovskiy obval
6a Gnus Sport 1.1.2. Main massiv
Sama dobrota Sport 1.1.2. Main massiv
Alachai Sport 9 1.3. Russia
Durnye Vesti Sport 11 1.3. Russia
Schachlyk Sport 6 1.3. Russia
Zerkalo Sport 11 1.3. Russia
6b Durakam veset Sport 1.1.1. Upper tier
Prostor i solnze… Sport 1.1.1. Upper tier
Blietzkrieg Sport 1.1.2. Main massiv
Maybe… Sport 1.1.2. Main massiv
Taschkent Sport 1.1.2. Main massiv
Gallardo Sport 11 1.3. Russia
Malachai Sport 9 1.3. Russia
Pokemon Sport 6 1.3. Russia
6c sleepwalker Sport 1.1.1. Upper tier
Bes somnenya!!! Sport 1.1.2. Main massiv
Diversant Sport 1.1.2. Main massiv
Ovsyanka, miss! Sport 1.1.2. Main massiv
Sumerechnyi angel Sport 1.1.2. Main massiv
Winterstorm Sport 1.1.2. Main massiv
Korona Sport 1.1.3. Korona
Mein Liebe Frau Sport 1.1.3. Korona
Pamyati drusei Sport 1.1.3. Korona
Stena Skeletov Sport 13m, 8 1.2. Dachovskiy obval
Den Rojdenja Sport 8 1.3. Russia
Schucher v ulike Sport 12 1.3. Russia
Utochka Sport 7 1.3. Russia
Vinni-Puh Sport 12 1.3. Russia
7a I walk alone Sport 1.1.2. Main massiv
Igra v biser Sport 1.1.2. Main massiv
Pandodrom Sport 1.1.2. Main massiv
Natali-Bon-Pari Sport 12 1.3. Russia
Poker Sport 5 1.3. Russia
7b Begemot na potolke Sport 1.1.1. Upper tier
Princess of the dark Sport 1.1.1. Upper tier
Ne chochu Sport 1.1.2. Main massiv
Bes nasvania Sport 13m, 10 1.2. Dachovskiy obval
Clip-to-trip Sport 13 1.3. Russia
Odinochestvo Sport 8 1.3. Russia
Tanzy pod popsy Sport 9 1.3. Russia
7c Zelenaya Zmeya Sport 9 1.3. Russia
8a Man of the wind Sport 1.1.1. Upper tier