Topo #10374 - The Nose (lower pitches) topo

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Route Grade Popularity Style
1 Mega Hangdogging
7b Mixed 18m, 2 Unlink route
2 First Blood origional route
5a Trad 18m Unlink route
3 First Blood

1st pitch up the flake or just left of the flake to the edge of the overhang. Then transition to the face via a pivoting loose rock, then up the obvious crack over the bulge to a run out easy slab to the anchor. Has bolts if trad gets too hard. 2nd pitch runs up the arĂȘte and angles right up a series of cracks on a slab face to the anchor. Couple of football size loose rocks en-route so get the all-clear from below before moving up.

6a Trad Project 42m 2 Unlink route

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