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Rank Climber Karma
1 Jakob 70,062points
2 Sebastjan Morris Leskovšek 3,055points
3 Klemen Peterlin 2,417points
4 Adam Pullen 160points
5 GJ 150points
6 jan 122points
7 @zoracathy 83points
8 Brendan Heywood 35points
9 Mojca Janžekovič 22points
10 Vojko RAJH 19points
11 Fustaki 16points
12 Mateja 15points
13 10points
13 Dolo 10points
13 @mr10 10points
16 Bojan Leskošek 9points
17 Matej Flis 7points
18 Martin Unger 6points
19 Kmeco 5points
19 Samu 5points
19 5points
19 oliver 5points
19 Ed Dillon 5points
24 Miha Popovic 4points
24 Renata 4points

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