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Access issues inherited from Osp

Do not park your car in the village or camp under the wall, locals will not appreciate it. There's a camp in the village and parking place for climbers near it. There's a small fee for parking.

If you want to climb in the right sector of the big wall (Velika stena - desno), check in the camp Vovk or with local climbers if the area is open for climbing.


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Grade Route

Same start as 'Matičkov svet', stick to the left in the upper part.

Traverses right into 'Karies'.

Starts in 'Indijanka', finishes in 'Amazonka'. A route made for women's finals of 1988 Yugoslav climbing championship. Chipped.

Male finals from '88 championship. One small hole chipped under finish.

Combination of 'Paris-Dakar' and 'The garden', avoiding the cruxes of both routes.


Variant, follows 'Superhik A' to the left, then splits to the left.

Easier variant of 'Super Emil' that avoids the difficult finish.

Start on the ledge above 'Super luknja'.

Start on the ledge above 'Super luknja'!

Joins 'Kalifornija' in the upper part and then continues to the right to own anchor.

Starts in 'Miklavž', goes left into 'Branko' in the middle.


Check out what is happening in Banje.