Huge range of grades as a whole however each sub-crag has a standard difficulty within that section of cliff. If you find the crag with your difficulty level there will be many great climbes for you.


A huge ravine dotted with many treasures. Some aren't always the easiest to get to but when you get to them, the climbing is spectacular. Such that the rock is dry and you found a crag that's at your level. In Kloof, you choose your crag depending on your climbing level. It doesn't matter where you go because the climbing will nearly always be good, however many of the crags in Klood aren't very forgiving of those who don't climb their standard grades. For example there are places where the easiest climb is a 24 South African grade while another place has the hardest known open climb being a 22 South African grade. Otherwise the rock is solid and often crimpy. Depending on the crag it can be wet on hot days or dry on wet days so make sure you ask a local climber about the weather and information regarding your chosen crag.

Access issues

Many of the crags require you to pass through a fence/gate. Depending on the crag you can often just walk through or just jump the fence. This is allowed with most of the commonly used crags and is presumed to be allowed throughout the whole of Kloof unless events occur to prevent the use of the crag. Before heading to the crag it is suggested to sign in. At the bottom of the ravine there is a small park with a security guard at the entrance. Ask him about signing in for climbing and he should hand you a clipboard for you to full in your details. After the climbing you must go back and sign out. This is to ensure that everyone is accounted for and remains safe amount the large area of Kloof.

Where to stay

There are a few B&B's in the area, however as the Kloof climbing area is such a large area, you would need a form of transportation to move between the crags. Therefore it doesn't really matter where you B&B is in Kloof as it would still take some time to get to your destination.


Kloof is home to animals and therefore general crag rules apply such as no littering, loud conservative noise, etc. please do not feed the animals if you happen to see any. Kloof is mainly sport climbing and as such, bolting is allowed. However there are some crags that are considered to be mainly for trad climbing and as such it's generally accepted to not bolt there however it is still permitted and you won't be punished.

Information needed

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