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Rank Climber Karma
1 Matt Tranter 862points
2 Stitch 636points
3 will watkins 519points
4 Russell Warren 436points
5 Malcolm V 426points
6 Marcus Yong 354points
7 Robert Weyer 312points
8 Hugo 171points
9 Jeremy Goble 120points
10 Zee van Zyl 102points
11 Simon Vos 94points
12 Melwin Quacke 62points
13 Catharina Warren 60points
14 bosvrou 41points
15 30points
16 rocco nienaber 24points
17 Ted Boezaart 23points
18 Dolf van Niekerk 10points
19 Eldon O'Regan 8points
20 Andy Roberts 7points
20 Sandy Fagan 7points
20 Ryno v d Riet 7points
20 Tian Bothma 7points
24 sam 6points
24 @tedboezaart 6points

Showing all 25 climbers

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